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The diary entries of a little girl in her 30s! ~ Part 2

  1. MuppetFace
    Also: This is a desktop version of the GEEK:
    Ignore the stupid marketing lingo, this thing is the real deal according to a lot of folks I respect. Or rather the USB version, the "GEEK Out," is. This little desktop DAC and amp combo should be even better.
    Just to give you a frame of reference, Light Harmonic---the dudes designing the GEEK---also designed a $20k DAC called the DaVinci. A friend of mine said something to the effect of: "I don't want to hype this thing, but I was surprised to hear similarities between the nuances of the GEEK and the DaVinci." Which probably means the DaVinci is overpriced just as much as the GEEK is underpriced, but somewhere in the middle lies really nice audio.
    I mean, the GEEK Pulse feeding a Schiit Vali seems like a pretty awesome desktop rig potentially for under $400. Between this combo and the all-in-one Cavalli portable, there's some amazing sounding gear coming out well below the $1k mark.
  2. tomscy2000
    But... I pre-ordered because I wanted to be awesomified!
  3. MuppetFace
    3D awesomified.
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  4. tomscy2000
  5. a_recording
    Hmmm. How curious...
    *Edit: Welp I put in a pledge for the Geek Pulse. If the thing ships and is good, I figure I have gotten myself a nice bargain. IT'S THE LIBERTARIAN DREAM!!!!!
  6. blueangel2323
    So this thing is like a mini Smyth Realiser?
  7. tomscy2000

    Since I don't need a Pulse, I'm thinking of putting in a pledge for the high-resolution music... but I wonder what they're going to be releasing for us?
  8. Mimouille
    Hum...between the 901 I have, the ZX1 I pre-ordered and this...too many DAPs....
  9. Coq de Combat
    About the STM bag:
    The build quality is pretty good. The stitching has held just fine up until today, and I suspect it will hold for a long time to come. The canvas itself seems to be out of good quality materials, and some of the pockets have some sort of silk-like material, feeling rather soft, yet "glidey". I'm no stitching/sewing expert, so take everything I say with that in mind. I do however have quite a collection of shoulder bags, as I seem to be drawn to them and this one places among the best of them, both quality, feature and design wise. The strap is held by two rather thick plastic pieces, making me think that the bag will hold quite a lot before giving in. The iPad compartment is also surrounded by a thick:ish foam-something, giving added protection for the iPad if I should drop the bag. I do feel safe wearing it, and I can't imagine anything different from a laptop bag from STM (I know you wanted a slightly bigger one). All in all, a good shoulder that holds quite a lot despite it's small footprint.
    As for the feeling of wearing it: yeah, wearing it you can tell it's pretty small. I'd probably go for a slightly bigger version if I were to buy another one, however, it's not uncomfy in any way. It's just small. Also, it's pretty subtle - you won't stick out in neither a positive nor negative way with it.
    I'm pleased and I bet you would be too if you wanted it for a man bag. Just get a bigger size.
    photos taken with my new iPhone 5s - impressions of the phone coming soon
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  10. jgray91

    Nice! Thanks for the run down. Maybe I can hunt one down in this country; maybe online. Definitely love the look of the front there.
  11. Coq de Combat
    Yeah. I hope you can. I would offer to send one to you if you really, really wanted one but couldn't get one - but, I mean, it's just a bag. There are probably hundreds of similar bags over there, or even better looking, smarter designed, etc.
    As for the iPhone, it's a quite a piece of machinery. It takes a whiule to get used to, especially if you're coming from a big phone like the Galaxy Note series. But I'm already feeling like it's a better sized phone, although one thing irks me: I can't type correctly because of the small buttons, and I'll use autocorrect over my dead body. I can't even begin to tell how irritating autocorrect has been. Even when I spell things right, if it doesn't recognize my word, it'll obfuscate it to something ridiculous. I wanted to write "iPhonen" (= "the iPhone", in Swedish), and spelled it correctly but it changed it automatically to "immature" or something along those lines. Silly. That's probably my only complaint about the phone. The sound quality is nice (actually it's very nice), the screen is marvelous (yes, not as sharp as my wife's Nexus 7 or Galaxy S3, but when held about 20 cm from your eyes, it's as sharp as it can get) and the feel of it is just something extra. I'll write more about it later - not that you've asked me to, but I'm sure people will want to read my impressions of it, since it's pretty new and all.
    ...and yes, Touch ID works perfectly. I wouldn't say it's faster than typing a passcode to open your phone, but it's definitely more convenient.
    Edit: I also cancelled the RHA MA750i IEMs. Not because I don't want them (I do), but first off, I fear that they were ordered on a wrong type of impulse (slight bipolar hypomania instead of audiomania..) and second, I'm actually quite satisfied with my x10i. Also, I should calm down with my purchases. I already have an Olloclip, and a whole set of iPhone cases incoming. Another set of headphones would probably just aggravate my wife - she's fine with the iPhone, cases, bags, coats, shoes and all other purchases this month, but yeah, it's thin ice for me for a while now. At least a month.
    Warren Chi: The reason I'm getting rid of the D2000, Pro 900 and my Cowon J3 is because I rarely listen to them anymore and I, somehow, prefer the much cheaper and technically inferior HD25 over both of them. The J3 should be obvious though, I'll be using the iPhone as my PMP instead of the J3.
  12. MuppetFace
    I pre-ordered the ZX1 Walkman as well. Really, I can't help myself when it comes to these companies celebrating themselves with various anniversary products, Makes me glad I held off on the AK120.
    That being said, I'm definitely interested in the Calyx. Their $5k Femto DAC has been a fixation of mine for a while now, and their new portable device is supposed to have a similar sound. Which makes it one of the only "hardcore" audio players I'm interested in at the moment. These days I prefer more consumer-oriented players like the Walkman, stuff with more attention to battery life, user interface, size, etc.

    As far as sources go, I'm really intrigued by the Lumin network media player. It would take the place of my notebook as my primary digital music hub, and I'd use an iPad to control it, which would free things up while retaining the convenience of a digital source. In the interim though I might just get the DAC (Metrum Hex? Calyx Femto? Audio-GD Master 7?) and pair it with my notebook via an Off Ramp 5 USB converter.
    A far less expensive alternative would be going half way, getting the Resonessence Invicta 2 or Mirus which would pair with my notebook (via the Off Ramp 5) but also uses SD cards as a standalone unit.

    Speaking of Sony, expect some impressions of the XBA-H3 soon.
  13. a_recording
    I hope the Geek Pulse will let you disable the "3D" function. Also I'm not a big fan of the glossy faceplate with the blue LED. It looks very much like the V-Moda logo.
    I tend to buy things in moments of elevated mood too. Particularly after I finish a big project. I wonder if there is a spectrum...
  14. vwinter

    I think it sounds pretty great too.

    For me the Touch ID is a ton faster because I had a non 4 number password. It's almost seamless. I could barely type the 4 digits that fast if i did use the simple password.
  15. Mimouille
    Are there others ? I am just worried because this DAP looks small, and usually and unfortunately the bricks sound better (except for the Tera).

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