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The diary entries of a little girl in her 30s! ~ Part 2

  1. a_recording
    WP8 is okay. I have a Lumia 620 as a spare phone for some multi-factor authentication faffery. The most annoying thing about WP8 is the long animations you have to go through when moving through the interface.
  2. MuppetFace
    Wow, really? It looks a bit too... fuzzy and pilled... to be alcantara to me. Perhaps Shure's weird bandaid spot motif they insist on is contributing to that. Either way though I tend to call anything that isn't leather or synthetic leather "velour." Sort of how every tissue is a "Kleenex." Or every medical adhesive strip is a "Bandaid." 
    ...Or every soft drink is a "Coke" if you live in Texas.
    But yeah, alcantara is used on the HD800 and feels nice. I guess between the zomgitsrealyouguise carbon fiber and the alcantara Shure are really going for the sports car vibe.
    In other news, I've got an Ocharaku Donguri coming.
    I really shouldn't be spending money on new earphones and headphones. I should be upgrading my source. Gavin has me curious about his Metrum Hex DAC + Lumin media player. Especially since he's using the LAu + Abyss now primarily too.
  3. veyrongatti
    Yeah the stock rom is just 100% pure terribad 
  4. drez

    Lol so basically its a headphone made out of sports car interior fabric?!?
  5. driver 8
    I take it the Invicta didn't work out too well for you?
  6. jgray91

    Well, I'm 60% sure I want a compact system camera, but really advanced enthusiasts' point-and-shoot still holds a good interest for me.

    Thanks, buddy. Looking forward to your experience with the STM bag.
  7. MuppetFace
    Oh, I liked the Invicta quite a lot. I had it on extended loan, but when it came to actually buying one I decided to hold off.
    The Invicta 2 and Invicta Mirus are at the top of my consideration list along with the Audio GD Master 7 and the Metrum Hex.
    I'm also still considering the Meitner MA-1 and Cantata, though they're a bit more expensive. At this point I feel that if I'm going to spend that much, I may as well get the dCS Debussy.
    How's the Vega working out for you? I might consider that one as well.
  8. Idsynchrono_24

    I will be watching from the shadows...
  9. MuppetFace
    Lou Reed​
    1942 - 2013​
  10. driver 8
    ^ Damn :/
    Disclaimer: Due to troubled circumstances at home (which are starting to resolve*) I honestly haven't sat down to use it long enough to be really confident in my assessment, but so far...
    It's good.  I don't hear it being as colored as 6loons might have you believe, but the tonality is fairly rich.  It's not slow, though, and has the most detail of any source component I've owned (granted, nothing else at this price level).  The exact clock setting makes a very noticeable difference -- everything's just more precise and the imaging gets more coherent, but the DAC is still a good time when I can't get the latency low enough and have to turn it (the clock, I mean) down.  "Fine" (which also requires a temperature warm-up to even be enabled) is far less finicky and gets you most of the performance increase with less hassle; I can usually watch YouTube with it and such while "Exact" only plays nice in JRiver with certain ASIO settings.
    My only gripe so far is that I wish the presentation was less up-front at times.  The NAD M51's softer touch gave everything just a bit of distance, which I enjoyed.  I wouldn't go back to the NAD though.  Also, some setups I've used with the Vega sound less up-front than others, so yeah. 
    * Finally got my idiot roommate out.
    At some point in the future I'll try the custom firmware update AndrewWOT's been raving about. 
    -Edit 2-
    Oh yeah, I haven't messed with the filters much yet.  4 sounds good to me.  I tried 3 for awhile and didn't like it quite as much.  Haven't tried 1 or 2 at all. 
  11. gelocks
    Hahaha I tend to do that too with "Kleenex" and "Pampers"... gosh... every one around me is having kids!!! That's depressing to me... :frowning2:
    Anyway, those sources... wow.
    I'm just trying to move some gear just to buy a "lowly" Yulong DA8 and I take a look at those and... my heart starts pounding, I start sweating and my wallet starts trembling...
    I still don't want to spend that much on my source. Probably a mistake buy I don't have thousand dollar headphones either. :wink:
    LOL! Yep!
  12. a_recording
    I don't know Lou Reed's work well but I have heard him do guest vocals on enough tracks to know that his voice is pretty irreplaceable. 
  13. DigitalFreak
    I finally got the review up on my YT channel. Hey Lachlan, you should look into reviewing the BA100, they're rather nice sounding for under 100 bones. I've been messing around with better photo apps and some better lighting. Still not perfect but I think it's a step up compared to the ghetto style video I was putting up a few short months ago. What do you think?
  14. veyrongatti
    Gah hate The new train timetables..... On the upside I do get some quality time with my ck90 pros.......
  15. DigitalFreak
    Check it out guys, audio360.org really came through with one crazy article on CanJam


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