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The diary entries of a little girl in her 30s! ~ Part 2

  1. Coq de Combat
    I personally prefer Google Drive over the other file sharing/syncing services. But it's been years since I tried Dropbox in university. What makes google drive better imo is that it's not only a file syncing service, but also google docs - which is pretty awesome.
    As for selling the Surface Pro 1, yeah well, since you've already ordered the SP 2 it'd be a good idea selling it now. But yeah, I agree that in general it'd be a good time for selling it. Is the second hand value as good for the Surfaces as they are for Apple products? PC's have a crappy second hand value but since it's more a tablet I honestly don't know the second hand value of Surface producs. The most I would get for my Windows 8 tablet was about half the price.As for Apple, well, Apple people are strange, but since I now own two Apple products I suppose I should call myself a bit strange as well... and I, admittedly, am.
    What do you think of Windows 8.1 btw?
    White [​IMG]
    I was torn between the White and Space, but I ended up going with the White. There was a several weeks/months (depending on store) waiting period for the Space Grey. With the White.. well, it's already been sent from the store so I guess I'll really get it on monday. In Sweden delivery is usually 1 day, but since it's weekend ... [​IMG]
  2. a_recording
    The Surface Pro would sell for about $700 now, the original price being around $1100. So a little more than 50%.
    But ugh, now I am considering cancelling my order. I was thinking of getting the Pro 2 just because it would be more powerful (with 8gb ram) and I could start to make a transition from Mac to PC because the prices of the Macs just seems on a horrible treadmill upwards while the upgradeability of the machines disappears. 
    But I just tried futzing around on Premiere Pro for the afternoon and I was suddenly reminded of why I like Final Cut Pro X so much better. All the pro users complained that Final Cut Pro X was rebuilt so that skateboarders could make videos for Youtube, and honestly I think that is true, in a really good way. It's just the most powerful but easy to use video editor I've used.
    Since that is the case it really puts a stop to any notion of getting a SP2 for on the fly video editing, since I've always thought might Surface Pro is powerful enough for everything else I do with it - sketching, web browsing, typing. Trouble is, I would like all the other things that come with the SP2, including less heat, more battery life, better screen, faster GPU. 
    Maybe I will be better off cancelling my order for the 256/8gb Surface Pro 2 and getting a 128/4gb Surface Pro 2 instead. That way I essentially pay $300 to upgrade the running temperature, battery life, screen, GPU, without paying *another* $300 for the extra RAM and the extra storage which is probably redundant.
    The $300 would go towards something to replace my aging Macbook Pro which I actually do my video editing on and is actually technically slower than my current Surface Pro -___-.
    Or I should just cancel the order and sit happy with what I have now. Which, if past history has shown, I am very bad at doing.
    I really like it. Compared to my experience of updating to iOS 7, I like almost every change they made in 8.1 except one minor one in IE that isn't all that bad anyway.
    I also installed Mavericks and I totally like that too. It's nice sitting on the fence.
  3. drez
    Awesome, I'm super jealous - it's a very nice phone.
    Hmm, apple brought out new tablets, announcement night I say to my brother in law "It will be lighter, thinner, and have a more powerful CPU."  Am I psychic or what?
    Surface pro 2 looks very nice though, price is up there but it runs x86 apps right?
  4. jgray91

    I'll assume - which is always a bad thing coming from me - that what the pro users complain about are all the now streamlined super granular controls that actually benefit more from by it? I mean, by past occurrences that's usually what pro user whining is all about.

    I wish I can afford to own a Macbook something, because however many times I used OS X in the store, I'm more than impressed usually. Too bad Malaysia's students' discount for them isn't that much of discount. And my notebook is still running quite well.
  5. drez
    Personally I'm more a fan of the industrial design and screen than much else - I find a lot of grief trying to use my macbook for CAD - the touchpad gesture controls are laggy (but this is probably a software problem), there is no option for a pro graphics card, and the mouse input is nothing like what it is on Windows.  On that, there are reports of issues with the mouse input on Windwos 8.1 - don't tell me they stuffed up the mouse drivers...
  6. Coq de Combat
    Hmm, I'd still do the upgrade if I had the money, if not for the improved "mostly everything" (?), but for the improved battery life. As for an extra $300 for that RAM and storage - I'm a storage (and RAM) junkie and if I'd have the funds to buy the 256 GB version without feeling bad about it, then I'd probably go that route despite the much higher price tag. I did say I went with the 128 GB iPad and the 64 GB iPhone, right? Well, we all know how Apple is known for very cheap upgrade prices (although, $100 for doubling is acceptable imo).
    It's fun that you're converting towards a PC/MS oriented computer experience, and I'm doing the exact opposite.
    I'm very much looking forward to it, tbh. I've never had an iPhone before, so it'll be nice in a lot of ways. I'm actually a former Android-fanboy (I love the open-source part of it - look at the custom ROMs and their success, it's awesome!), but ever since I got the iPad I can't help myself to think that I prefer Apple apps a lot more than Android apps, and that the devices themselves are of superior quality/feel. My wife has the new Nexus 7 with that super sharp HD display, but TBH, I much prefer the iPad display over it despite the lower PPI. The colors are more vibrant, everything is much more optimized for that exact screen (especially good with font smoothing and readability) - and I can't help seeing "banding" of sorts with any Android device I touch, including Nexus 7. I can see horizontal lines, and it irks me, and I don't know if it's something to do with Android systems or the screens using a different technology (pentile matrices or whatnot). Last but not least, Android devices don't seem to age well. My Note 2 is already laggy and stuttery, and a pain to surf the web with, despite being a last gen flagship. People are telling me their original Nexus 7's are useless by now. My iPad Mini, which is essentially an iPad 2, does it with no problems - and hardly lags anything in IOS 7.
    I don't know. There's still a LOT of things I love about Android, but ultimately, I'm looking for a nice experience rather than the latest and greatest CPU/hardware/RAM/pixel density (although, no more anything below 326 PPI kthx)/whatever - and that's where Apple is winning me over slowly but securely from Android, Linux and Windows (don't tell my wife though - she'd hate the idea of having a 13" MBP with Retina display...yummy).
    As for the new iPad Air, I'm confused. It's supposed to be twice as fast as iPad 4, yet using the same CPU as iPhone 5S (A7, not "A7X"). This is what's confusing me: iPhone 5S get's double the score in benchmarks when compared to the iPhone 5, but so does the iPad 4 which has an A6X as opposed to the A6 in iPhone 5 and iPad 3.
  7. jgray91
    You know, as long as we are on the consumer tech train, I might as well ride it.

    As much as I like my 808 PureView, obviously the Symbian OS is showing its age badly. And considering how many times it has hit terra firma, I think it's time to move on. MONIES on the other hand, is a very real limitation for now.

    At first I was looking at Android midrange phones, but seeing that I already have an Android device, albeit one that is slaved to only WiFi connection and is a 7 incher, I don't see why I should get another one. Might as well eat some other grass.

    So maybe the iPhone 5C might be a good choice, considering how much of the apps are so much nicer there than on Android. But the other overriding reason I'm looking at a newer but midrange phone is for reliable internet connection for my Nexus 7. So why not just use any of the new Nokia Lumia? I mean, my current phone can technically do it, but it's dodgy at best. And I've seen how much more reliable on Android, iOS and WP7.

    That's why I'm looking at the L820. Just because of the AMOLED, so that I can have an always on clock, just like my 808 PV. And a guaranteed good internet tethering.

    And I think this is me looking for validation lol.
  8. Coq de Combat
    How much is the Lumia 920 in Malaysia? I know in Sweden they are desperately trying to sell them (that particular model), and they are like $300 unlocked. That's a pretty damned good price for such a good phone. About 1/3 - 1/4 of the price of a Note 3 or my iPhone 5s. If I was more invested in the Windows ecosystem, I'd go with it.
  9. drez
    Btw am i the only one that spends hours playing with the holographic desktop background effect thing in ios7?
  10. Coq de Combat
    You mean parallax or the moving bubbles? The prallax effect is something I love looking at. Each time I want to open an app, I tilt my iPad for a few seconds just to watch it and smile for a while. I'm starting to feel like a fish in a tank or something - stupid and easily amused.
  11. gelocks
    So... I ordered the new Shure SRH1540s yesterday!
    Can't wait to start going through my music library again with these babies!
    GO SHURE!!!
    Have an excellent weekend every one!
  12. jgray91

    Dunno, haven't checked the official channels. Sure, it would be nice if it's as cheap as $300. Oh and now that I reread, you said 920, not the 1020. :p

    And to be honest, i think I'm done playing around with smartphones' camera. Sure Nokia always pushes the boundaries, and Apple (and to a lesser extend, Sony on the Android front. Maybe Samsung too, but I'm too anti-Samsung to bat an eyelid unless to denigrate it) maintains a slightly better than "good enough", but I yearned for better DoF, more control, etc. from a real camera. I'll get something with WiFi connectivity (or one of those WiFi SD cards, or even this FTP thingy for USB storage devices), and edit on my Nexus 7 or something to upload.

    Really, I think I'm done with that kind of novelty. Hell, maybe I'd just scale down some more and get one of those Asha phones lol.

    But really, I'm still waiting for one of those Jolla phones, or Firefox OS phones and other quirky small OS...
  13. jgray91

    I think I'm safe enough to assume that us frogs that hang around only in this well of a thread didn't know the existence of this... SRH1540.
  14. gelocks
    Sorry jgray91,
    Here;s an official thread:
    Anyway, I've been a Shure fan for a while so I figured I should buy them and try them at least. It seems they are tuned with a "safe" sound according to Jude. Will definitely be comparing them against the Alpha Dogs and a few others... but I need a new amp now!!!
    BTW, one of the other headphones that I WAS interested in, the Ultrasone Edition 5s just got pushed out of my head... recent word is that it will cost $5000!!!!!
    Yeah, you read correctly!!
    What is Ultrasone thinking!?
    They will only make 555 headphones (limited edition), will cost 5k and will just probably sound like an Edition 8 with probably more space/wider sound stage due to the updated S-Logic... ... that's an assumption of course but man... This crazy pricing gets on my nerves!
  15. jgray91
    Preliminary apology from me to MF for the boring smartthing talk. That, and anime/manga, are the only things to excite me nowadays.

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