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The diary entries of a little girl in her 30s! ~ Part 2

  1. jgray91

    That must be a unique experience!
  2. a_recording
    Less unique than you might expect...
  3. lee730
    hater! :3
  4. tomscy2000
    Cameo! (at ~0:25)
  5. drez
    I like the idea, but my impression of Russia is that they don't give a ****.  Still I think it would be good if only as a symbolic gesture.
  6. warrenpchi Administrator
  7. EveTan
    Hey guys. I'm current in the process of conceptualizing some idea, but not too sure how to go about it.
    I basically want a container, where when one puts a phone in, will distort the sound drastically. So I need a container, whose material properties and shape can influence the sound of a ringtone. I would experiment from scratch, but I'm a bit short on time. 
  8. a_recording
    What kind of distortion were you hoping to achieve? If you put the phone in a steel tube or cone you can be pretty sure to get distortion lol.
  9. veyrongatti
    IIRC the recent fad, Harlem Shake was a Trap song right? 
  10. Coq de Combat
    So I ordered the new 5s 64gb. Will receive on monday probably.
  11. a_recording
    Hoorah! As far as my gadget news goes I am kind of champing at the bit to upgrade to the Surface Pro 2.
  12. EveTan
    Dunno lol. But I'm thinking that if that happened, reception would be a problem? 
    What type of distortion would a steel tube/cone give?
  13. Coq de Combat
    The suyrface pro 2 should have a much better battery time. Do you have the surface pro 1? Having had a Windows 8 tablet, I'm actually more than satisfied with my iPad, although, admittedly I had a cheaper one than the surface pro with laptop grade hardware.
    Yeah, I just got a message that they're packing the iPhone already and soon I should get a tracking number, so monday sounds actually very realistic. You never know though with the post offices and such. It'll be a hard wait for the phone though. I guess I have to pre-occupy my mind with looking at different cases and accessories. Speaking of which, yesterday I bought a lightning to usb-camera adapter, so I can fill my instagram with photos from my DSLR, LOL. Seriously though, I find the iPad sufficient enough for lighter work with photos. It's no photoshop, but lately I've just been tampering with brightness/contrast.
    My wife is at a sewing/stitching/knitting convention/fair. Sounds ... nerdy.
  14. a_recording
    Yeah I do have a Surface Pro 1. The student discount offer for the Surface Pro 2 just went online, so I am just went ahead and put the order in now :D Old Surface Pro's are still fetching quite a bit on eBay so it seems like now would be a good time to upgrade.
    I really love my Surface Pro but it's a very unique combination of hardware. I basically feel like unless you need a tablet with a stylus, there are much better options - but there's nothing quite out there that compares atm.
    I need to learn to start editing videos on Adobe Premiere (I use Final Cut Pro X) because I am vaguely considering a transition to a PC. I still really love OSX though.
    Strangely thanks to things like Evernote and Dropbox, having a Mac and a PC at the same time isn't that difficult.
  15. vwinter

    Gold? :D

    Awesome. I'm finally gonna get someone else talking about it around here.

    MF, I heard you might be getting a listen to the ASG-2. If you can get your hands on an iPhone 5S for a quick listen, the synergy surprised me.

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