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The diary entries of a little girl in her 30s! ~ Part 2

  1. Mimouille
    Yeah well here the issue is I have less choice too...but it's true the goods targeted at the rich at stupidly expensive. I wanted to buy a winter jacket for a 1 year old baby and since it was a brand it was like 500$...significantly more than the montly salary of a factory worker.
  2. Coq de Combat
    Yeah, it was pretty nice :)
    Ah, yeah...
    ... you took the right swing at it. That I'd be training my replacement.
    However, that was part joke - I'm not too worried about him being my replacement as my boss actually said out loud that he'd be there very temporarily and that he'd do what I do but for other studies that I don't manage yet. Also, I'm beginning to know this system inside out, and that itself is valuable.
    Should I be training my replacement though, it'd be a pity since I actually like my workplace, but definitely not the end of the world. There are millions of job positions out there waiting to be filled, and I'm sure I'd fit at least one of them.
    I'm not sure I'd want the perfect cup of coffee.
    What if I get tired of it?
    What if I get disappointed?
    What about the exciting variations between different baristas and their daily moods?
    I don't know, a part of the charm of going to a café is the human interaction. A robotic barista would take that away from me since I usually go alone anyway.
  3. EveTan

    Must be a pretty prem brand. I've never seen a $500 jacket for babies.
  4. Mimouille
    Do you shop a lot for babies? I was amazed how fast it goes up:)
  5. blueangel2323
    That's what she said...
  6. EveTan

    Well, at least your baby doesn't require $3000 metal ear warmers. :o:D
  7. tomscy2000

    Oh, but they grow up so quickly! They'll soon need some IEM hand-me-downs from daddy!

    Unrelated: watching Homeland right now, and I can't get over the fact that Antonio Salieri is the director of CIA black ops... [​IMG]
  8. vwinter

    Oh don't worry, Starbucks is not exactly my yardstick here.

    I'd think this was more for people on the go. I'd think... Though a crowd around the machine would be funny.

    Ahh that would be terrible. I was hoping it was my second guess. Hope it works out.
  9. a_recording

    Gotta point out here, as much as I hate labels, a trap as far as I understand doesn't necessarily mean a transgender individual. A crossplayer or crossdresser is a trap. All a trap is is someone who looks convincingly like they are the opposite sex, and perhaps has made active efforts to appear that way. This is kind of different from someone who actually feels like they have a gender identity incongruent with their biological sex. The term seems to originate out of 4chan circles, especially in reference to anime characters who are of the 'trap' variety. Some transgender folk find the term 'trap' offensive since it implies an unpleasant surprise.

    A transgender person can be a trap but a trap isn't necessarily a transgender person. But the terms do indeed have plenty of overlap and indeed someone who starts out 'trapping' as a way to troll boys at anime conventions might come later to think they might actually have some gender dysphoria.

    Again I hate labels and this stuff is a whole kettle of fish, but just so you know, don't go calling a trans person a trap lol.

    When I am in Hong Kong and China I am continually flabbergasted that the price of Starbucks coffee is currency equivalent to the price it is in Australia- which means that it is essentially the price of an entire meal in local currency. When I go to a Starbucks to use WiFi in Hong Kong (they tend to be places where I can reliably communicate in English) it feels like I am entering some sort of internationalist theme park.
  10. vwinter

    I had no idea. Seriously, thanks for letting me know. My wording style was in a joking manner, eg "of the male variety." But regardless, I'm glad I know that there's this distinction now.
  11. a_recording

    S'okay, no biggie. I myself didn't even consider the idea that the term 'trap' is a bit mean until it came up in my Tumblr feed (where this kind of discussion pops up pretty often). It's kind of the same as the conflating the idea of a drag queen (who often parodies gender roles) with a trans person who might find nothing particularly funny about them.
  12. vwinter

    Yea, I don't even think I've personally used the term before now that I think about it. I'm not personally a very PC or generally sensitive person tbh, but it's important to use any word properly I think.
  13. MuppetFace
    Trap is also a sub-genre of rap, the name of which comes from 'trap houses' where drugs are sold. It has its own stylistic hallmarks like tons of splashy and tizzy cymbals and weird mid-tempo ambience.
  14. tomscy2000
    Doesn't T.I. have an album called Trap Muzik ?
  15. a_recording

    Yes I discovered this when I learnt the distinction between r/trap and r/traps on Reddit! :3

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