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  1. phthora
    Mine just arrived from the Amazon version of that sale, and I have to say, they are amazing. At $250, this is most likely the best value prospect out there. What a steal!
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  2. alpha421
    Westone W80,W60 for $974.35, $649.35 respectively at earphonesolutions.com only until midnight Sunday. Code GRAD
  3. imackler
    W40 for $325 and W30 for $260, as well. I like the price for the W40.

    I haven't tried the quote but the W30 is listed as GRADS. Not sure if that's a misprint or if there are two codes.
  4. alpha421
    Yes. I just checked the email from them. W30 is the only model with "GRADS" as the code.
  5. Terco
    I got the SE 846 last year for $698 on earphonesolutions.com, so happy with them, I'm tempted for the W80 but I guess I will pass this time.

    Update: I'm more that tempted xD... Is coming with ALO cable, I'm watching some reviews now.
    Last edited: Jun 17, 2017
  6. Magick Man
    An absolute steal. Best bargain in headphones right now, for sure.
  7. MikeZhao
  8. willywill
  9. phthora
  10. phthora
  11. Rat Salad
  12. trellus
  13. skyejack
  14. LazyListener
    Massdrop HD 6xx on June 26th for $249. I'm disappointed the price jumped $50. Still a good deal on an HD 650 twin.
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  15. Aleatorius

    Edit: fixed link.
    Last edited: Jun 21, 2017
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