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The Brise Audio Japan Cable Thread

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  1. productred
    Got myself a UPG001Ref for my U18 after a short audition...........surprisingly it seems a tiny bit less rigid than my old regular version. Maybe cos it's new...........whatever, as long as it sounds marvellous with the Sony WM and the U18.
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  2. AnakChan Moderator
    Glad you like it! I don't know if you're a burn-in kinda chap or not, but their recommendation is 200 hrs. If you're not hope you'd be listening to them for 200 hrs worth at least anyway!
  3. Sabre2
    Finally, waited about a month. UPG001 Ref (4wire) just reach me today...:)
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  4. productred
    The only problem I have with this cable is again the rigidity of the insulation - AND the titanium wire installed as earguide. Not a deal breaker but hampered my user experience quite a bit.

    I'd say the Brise UPG cables are best for static or home use. Quite a hassle on the move.
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  5. AnakChan Moderator
    @Sabre2 congrats! How have you found it so far?

    @productred yes, agreed. I actually don't really move anywhere when I'm using my UPG001Ref...I'm either @ my desk @ home or coffee shop somewhere and don't really use it on the go. Personally for me, I don't really need/listen to high end stuff when I'm on the move and actually been using bluetooth when I'm on the move. But I understand your point that one shouldn't have to be hassled by switching cables or rigs depending on whether they're stationary or mobile.
  6. Sabre2
    Thank you @AnakChan

    This cable is very well built. Quality is top-notch. Though the cable has the springy feel, I find it quite manageable (mine is 4-wire)
    When I am on the move, I actually like the memory wire, as coupled with the wooden slider, my iem sits nicely on my ear. When I finished using, this cable actually coils and fits nicely in my hard-shell case. In short, ergonomically wise, while I do agree on the rigidity, I have no issue thus far using it on the go and stationary.

    Sound wise, out of the box, I find that it is full, smooth and spacious. Though the sound is thicker, but clarity is still maintained. Vocal has nice analogue quality.
    So far still early days for me. In fact, I am looking forward to see more cables from this company (Brise Audio) :)
  7. Overkill Red
    Heading to Japan for Potafest next week, can't wait to try these!
    Anyone have any idea how they pair with the A18?
  8. productred
    Me got my UPG001Ref paired mainly with my U18. Not the widest soundstage in the world, but I do prefer that as too many cables produce some artificially spread soundstage which sucks bigtime when listening to classical or more complex passages. Clear layering, very precise timbre, pretty uncoloured, I'd say they are a good match.
  9. Overkill Red
    Thanks for the impressions! I don't get very excited by cables (some exceptions are the PW 1960, EA Leonidas/Lionheart, Toxic Venom...), but reading about Brise and its philosophy has me very intrigued. Maybe ill be able to pick up a cable for my HD800s, even if they don't match my IEMs that well.
  10. AnakChan Moderator
    If anyone is heading to the Porta-ken by Fujiya tomorrow (8-Jul) in Nakano, Tokyo, Brise Audio is having their fancy USD$100,000+ system there to listen to.
  11. productred
    Their philosophy is not new but no one press it on full fledged like they do.

    I have a Whiplash T-series cable which is also all about insulation and also went so far in using the very microphonic but extremely well-insulating Teflon as shield. The difference in details and refinement with its "naked" Twag siblings is very noticeable.

    Plussound also offers the Apollonian series which is also about better shielding.

    However these two were not the most popular offerings in their lineups. People likes exotic materials and fancy glittery looks more than insulation and the sound that produces.

    Brise brings this concept to new heights and they even went so far in using "just" copper of unknown purity. They didn't even mention OCC unlike its US or SE Asia competitors. So what you hear is the magic of their concept alone. Higher end offerings simply means better shielding and nothing more. Very admirable I'd say.
  12. Overkill Red
    Indeed, I share the same sentiments. I meant the same thing you worded well, they push a simple concept (that I happen to believe in a lot) very far. I have not heard the T-Series by Whiplash but I have extensively auditioned the Apollonian as well as many other shielded interconnects (such as the Music Sanctuary Quartette One Shielded) and have only heard improvements from the shielding.

    One of the things I hope to see in the future is more shielding methods used in more components, including even inside an IEM around the drivers, which will no doubt improve sound even further.
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  13. AnakChan Moderator
    So Brise Audio had another cable released for the Fujiya Summer Potaken only today. It doesn't have the UPG type designation but it's somewhat of a UPG001 variant. It was designated the PTK2017S and had only 2 cables of each type (2 pin 2.5mm/3.5mm/4.4mm, and MMCX 2.5mm/3.5mm/4.4mm). The difference of the PTK2017S vs the other cables are basically as follows :-

    FLEX001 (Entry - no Murakumo tech) ( ¥17,490)
    14 strands x 4

    UPG001 (No Murakumo tech) ( ¥28,500)
    7 strands x 4

    UPG001.Rh1+ (No Murakumo tech) ( ¥38,800)
    ??????? (I think 7 strands x 4)

    PTK2017S (Fujiya Summer Potaken Special - today only) ( ¥39,800)
    49 strands x 4

    UPG001.Ref ( ¥64,000 ex tax)
    7 strands x 4

    UPG001.Ref (8 wire) ( ¥98,000 ex tax)
    7 strands x 8

    I bought the PTK2017S blind so no impressions on it. However from the maker, it provides a little higher extension to the treble region. I don't have pix of it however this is from Brise Audio's twitter page :-

    Last edited: Jul 8, 2017
  14. AnakChan Moderator
    Brise Audio also showed off their JH Audio cable :-


    There's also a 2.5mm Rh+ (Rhodium) version instead.
  15. Sabre2
    @AnakChan, any idea how to differentiate between the different Brise Model? eg PTK2017S looks similar to UPG?
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