The Beyerdynamic Tesla DT 1350 Impressions thread

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  1. Slaphead

    Beyerdynamic T51i would probably be your answer (for iOS at least). However I can't live without the split headband of the DT1350.
  2. Decommo

    Thank you. The issue is T51i sounds quite different since it is tuned differently for different target customers as far as I understand. (According to inner fidelity review).
  3. Tuneslover
    I heard this as well.
  4. Slaphead

    I thought it was the T50 with which Beyer missed the mark. I heard that the T51 was a vast improvement over the T50, and, I guess, unwisely assumed that they'd given it DT1350 tuning, or at least very close.

    Note to self - I must take a listen to the T51 at some point as some people really rate it.
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  5. AudioCats
    is there any comparison review on DT1350 vs DT250?
  6. afico
     i am new user those wonderful cans.
    Is there a way to find a mic cable?
    Thanks a lot
  7. CavemanSponge
    From my knowledge, no there is no mic cable for this particular headphone. Try getting the T51i if u want a mic in the cable
  8. Constantin
    I'm very interested in getting a pair and I see there is a 30 ohm version and an 80. Which should I get? The 30 is much cheaper. I don't plan on using them amped much but the thought did cross my mind.
  9. CavemanSponge

    Hmm if the case is similar with its bigger bros (DT7/8/9XX), then get the 80 ohms, because from my experience the DT770 250 ohm is way better than the 80. But I never listened to the 30 DT1350 so I cant comment abt that
  10. SDBiotek
    If you don't plan to use an amp, the 30 Ohm version might be easier to drive from a cell phone or relatively weak source. I can't comment on how similar the two sound, but I do prefer using my 80 Ohm amped, rather than straight from a DAP.
  11. Subhakar

    The 32 ohm version is actually Beyerdynamic AT1350-A32 Audiometry Headphone meant for professional audio analysis. I am not sure how the sound signature differs from the standard 1350 model. Anyone?
  12. Slaphead

    Initially the sound signature will differ quite a lot as you won't be able to plug it into anything. it just has an open cable, meaning it doesn't have 3.5mm or 6.3mm as it's designed to be connected, or hard wired, to specialist Audiometry equipment.
  13. Raketen
    last time I looked it cost 2-3x the price as well, though did have a cool paint job
  14. HiFiChris Contributor
  15. Hutnicks
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