The Beyerdynamic Tesla DT 1350 Impressions thread

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  1. Tuneslover
    I use the FiiO X5ii and really like it with the 1350'same. I also pair this DAP with an E12a portable amp.
  2. tdubya
    I appreciate the recommendations, Tuneslover. Definitely going to check both of those out.
  3. stalepie
    The FiiO products are probably all you need, but if you need others for comparison sake here are a few popular ones from a list I've been making... 
    TEAC HA-P50/SE (or Onkyo HA-200)
    ​Beyerdynamic A200p
    iBasso D14 "Bushmaster" & D-Zero Mk2
    Oppo HA-200
    Leckerton UHA-6S.MKII
    Cypher Labs Theorem 720
    LH Labs Geek Out
    ifi nano iDSD
    JDS C5D
    Chord Mojo
    Resonessence HERUS
    Ray Samuel's Emmeline "P51 Mustang"
    Apogee Groove
    Sony PHA-1A
    Audioquest Dragonfly
    HRT Microstreamer
    Schiit Fulla
  4. stalepie
  5. Mad Max
    Most of those have good rep and will probably do, but forget the microstreamer.  I tried a friend's, and versus the E10k and Fulla, the microstreamer is just overpriced junk.
    iBasso gear are a real treat to listen to.
  6. Raketen

    JDS C5D as DAC/Amp or as just analog/line-in amp from my DAP (usually A10 Walkman) worked well for me- has a very nice bass boost switch if you're into that- though if you want a dedicated DAP there is probably one that costs less and drives them well without need for an extra amp (Shanling, Fiio, xDuoo, iBasso all have <$200 DAPs IIRC, some of them also double as usb dac/amp for PC even)... even Sansa Clip not too shabby :D
  7. Slaphead

    To be honest I find these are extremely easy to drive, and I get such good results from the standard headphone out from my various iToys, that I find myself not even thinking about bothering with an external DAC/Amp, even though I have a Mojo and AQ Dragonfly Red lying around.
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  8. perhapss

    I use mine with a FiiO E17. Sounds great.
  9. tdubya
    I agree. I uploaded all my music to micro SD and picked up a cheap DAP (Agptek) for the time being. I'm finding that it is driving these phones without issue. I only wonder if the right portable DAC could elevate the sound and provide me a manual volume adjustment.
  10. tdubya
    I appreciate the list. Looks like I have plenty of research to do!
  11. Tuneslover
    Fiio X3ii or X5ii on their own or with E12a sounds great with the 1350's.
  12. stalepie
    I wouldn't sweat it... I have only tried a few of these so far (HRT Microstreamer, A200p and TEAC ha-p50) but I don't hear huge differences between them. Maybe with the more expensive stuff, but I think the ear acclimates itself pretty well to whatever it's listening to. 
  13. FiJAAS
    Has anyone tried the dt1350 with the chord mojo? Was it a good paring?
  14. Raketen
    Trying out the Sine- they are nice but I'm finding myself in agreement with previous commenters that prefered DT1350 overall, particularly as a portable headphone (does not help that whenever I shift my head the balance on the Sine changes even though they fit firmly, some impressions mention this, but they make it seem like no big deal :blink: )
  15. Decommo
    I agree... I initially did not find great but after a few weeks of burn-in and listening... I now love DT1350... Only gripe is that cable is non-detachable and there is no Mic... so it is not truly portable solution. If it can be modded to have removable cable with Mic option, it would be perfect portable solution for me.  
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