The Beyerdynamic Tesla DT 1350 Impressions thread

  1. DigitalFreak
    Well the Senn guys have their own threads and the Woo amp guys have theirs so it's only fair I try and start one for
                The little Beyer that could.
  2. metalsonata
    Woo! No matter how much of my hair they pull out, no matter how tightly they grip my skull and send me spiraling into a headache, no matter how much time it takes me to adjust them each time I put them on so that the pads rest on my ears just right... once I've got them in their sweet spot and feeding my head some tunes, the world just melts away. I'm a fan, for sure. Totally worth it.
  3. DigitalFreak
    Sounds like you found your sound. So you using the 1350 mobily or just at home?
  4. metalsonata

    I use them primarily on the go or at work--only use them at home when I'm comparing how they sound with various recordings to how those same recordings sound on my full-sizes. Or if there are other people around who don't want to hear whatever it is I'm listening to.
  5. viewtifuljon
    Just ordered my pair today, could be in as early as Thursday. I can't wait!
  6. DigitalFreak


    When you get them really pay attention to fit and how they seal around your ears. If you don't have a good seal they'll sound tinny. The first day I had them i had issues because I hadn't figured out the proper positioning for optimal seal. When you finally get them feel free to come back and post your impressions.
  7. viewtifuljon
    Yeah, I heard about the sweetspot with these phones. I'll probably post some impressions, but I can't compare to my old headphones since I always sell them to fund new stuff :p
  8. DigitalFreak
    Right now I'm rockin out to Arch Enemy on my 1350's. Angela Gassow's high pitched growl sounds pretty awesome on these.[​IMG]
  9. aamefford
    I've had mine for a month or two.  Moderately (un)comfortable, great, great sound for my tastes, tiny, travel well, cool travel case, beautiful build, decent from an ipod, great from a portable amp.  I like 'em!
  10. metalsonata
    I set up my new Headroom Micro DAC last night, and instead of reaching for any of my full-sized headphones to test it out, I used the DT 1350s. It was a marvelous experience. I'm really impressed at how these headphones scale up. I'm going to be putting them head-to-head with my new HD 650s soon, after I spend some quality time with the HD 650s, of course. (Just got them today.)
  11. DigitalFreak
    Has anyone here tried playing around with an amp known for having a tubey sound signature? I was wondering how the DT would react with slightly warmer amps.
  12. aamefford


    As I am now a portable rig only guy, I can offer up the TTVJ Slim as an excellent pair with the DT1350.  Noted as sounding tubey, I guess that qualifies?  I find the TTVJ slim more lush than the Pico Slim I compared with it recently.  I ended up keeping the Pico Slim.  Both are excellent amps, and the Pico Slim works well with the DT1350's, and is the best amp (make that volume control) with iem's that I have used to date.
    Th TTVJ Slim, though, has a lovely, musical way with the DT1350's that likely would lead me to have kept it, were it not for my very sensitive iem's.
    So, in conclusion, the TTVJ Slim is noted for a tubey sound, and sounds great with the DT1350's.
  13. DigitalFreak


    Thanks for the info man. I've thought about investing in a TTVJ slim in the past maybe this is the excuse I need to finally buy it. I know it comes in just an amp version and a amp/DAC combo. Any idea if the DAC is worth the extra money?
  14. smallfish111
    This is my DT1350 and I have used them for two months, equipped with DACport. Their sound signature is my cup of tea~
  15. aamefford

    I think it is not a high end dac, but a decent one.  I elected not to get it for the extra $100.  I went with a dacport instead.  On the other hand, it will be better than most computer sound cards for sure.  Comes down to budget and need.  The amp will be the same either way, and the dac is convenient if you will use it.  I just knew I would use the dacport instead.  For whatever reason, I seem to feel I need 24/96 support, though I seldom use it.

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