The Best audiophile tracks to test equipment

Discussion in 'Music' started by deafmutelame, Mar 9, 2005.
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  1. wu6u3
    Yes, exactly! I love the sound of Volin, French Horn and Timpani. The sound is fantastic!
  2. bbfoto

    Regarding the tracks from the 2016 IASCA Competition CDs, they have been proven through listening and via testing in audio analyzation software that there are flaws in all of the tracks.

    There is an imbalance in the Left & Right channel Levels...

    The RIGHT channel is 0.6 dB louder than the Left channel.

    Obviously, this will create problems if you are expecting accurate reproduction of the tracks, especially in reference to the soundstage maps/instrument placement illustrations that are included with the CDs.

    The Zero (0) Bit track also creates a lot of noise due to improper application of Dither when they created the track. This also has caused playback stuttering & noise issues on Disc 1 when playing these from an iPhone or iPad that is connected to a DAC via the USB Lightning Cable and CCK3. Disc 2 seems to be fine in this regard.

    Unfortunately, as of this date, the IASCA organization have still not corrected this problem and are still selling the flawed discs! :-/

    There is more information here:

    Otherwise, this is an excellent compilation of tracks to test & evaluate your audio system.

    - B.B.
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  3. Stranger Than Fiction
    Fans of electronic music would do well to check out just about anything from the Anjunadeep label. The production levels, to my ears anyway, are simply superb. Admittedly sometimes the vocals in some tracks errs on the three-cheese pizza side but that’s easily overlooked when there’s material like this being pumped out.

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  4. Stranger Than Fiction
    And this one is essential. The Noble K10Us really bring this piece of music to life:

  5. HiFiGuy528
    Hi B.B., interesting... Perhaps by today's standards the recording is not up to par. I do think 0.6db difference is not an audible difference.
  6. Stranger Than Fiction
    Double post, cannae seem to be able to delete. Apologies!
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  7. bbfoto
    On a decent system the difference is definitely audible and shifts the image placement and entire soundstage to the right. Center images (lead vocals for instance) appear to the right-of-center instead of being perfectly centered, and so on.

    You may want to also check out the tracks on the "EMMA" and "AYA" car audio competition Discs. :wink:
  8. bbfoto
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