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The Best audiophile tracks to test equipment

Discussion in 'Music' started by deafmutelame, Mar 9, 2005.
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  1. FFBookman

    i just had to donate a few hundred lp's to thin my collection 1 shelf. so that hurts. it was mostly doubles and garbage but i had to let some decent stuff go.  made a trade and bought a few more better ones.
    as far as modern electronic music, anyone using it to test anything in audio has already lost the battle. no way you can determine what's pumped and crushed in the mix verses your system. they probably have wireless speakers too.  nothing audiophile about any of that. wires, uncompressed (data) audio files, professional compression on the mix, and real instruments and voices are needed for the full effect. sure it can have synth and funk or rock in it but it needs to have air and breath and emotion to test a system.
    recording and then playing music = conveying emotion. you have to have it in the first place to convey it and measure it.
  2. GloriousLettuce
    Here is what I use, can be useful.
  3. edulov
    Not a bad selection, I just hope YOU are not using 128kbps MP3 from your link. Two reasons - too lossy, different volume levels in fragments. No soundstage width at all. I know many songs well, they sound much better in raw.
    Some questions to make your mix better:
    1) Prodigy - sound mess, not a complexity. Why them?
    2) No tracks with extended lows and power bass
    3) No high bpm tracks not based on drum machines
    4) Only one track with one rare instrument, no tracks with weird ones.
    BTW, special thanks for Dido. Completely forgot about her. Big miss...
  4. GloriousLettuce
    Well I just made it for myself so it includes most clear and detailed tracks I knew at the time, nothing scientific.

    Hope it helpes somebody.

    The bitrate is definitely not 128 or anything as low, that would scream and would be noticible.
  5. HiFiGuy528
    Here are a few we uploaded.




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  6. SomeGuyDude
    This is the first song I use every time. For my tastes, it ticks all the boxes and lets me know if the balance is right.

  7. chrismini
    Glad you brought up Porcupine Tree. An amazing band that the founder, writer, singer, producer, and lead guitar player decided to disband. Now Steven Wilson is putting out good records and has amazing backup band, but hardly anyone knows who he is. I saw PT 4 times as they used to play in Chicago every time they did a US tour. Now I have no clue what he's doing. Reforming PT isn't gonna happen. I have 4 of is "solo" records and they are very good, but it's not Porcupine Tree or No Man for that matter. I guess being a big time rich rock star putting out fantastic music wasn't high on his list of priorities. Must be nice... 
  8. BelgianGurista
    Been enjoying the thread for a while now after buying some descent gear & a Tidal sub. :)

    Thinking Of A Place - The war on drugs

    Recently released, this track blew my ears off, almost literally, because the vocals are SO IN YOUR FACE, up to 2:26 and then: I should say the vocals are on my face :this:..on my first post......lol..
    Then a solo guitar kicks in. A raw riff slightly panned to the right, evolving to more finesse accompanied by a second guitar on the left.
    I haven't heard anything like it yet.
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  9. richard51
    Great thread!

    My exemple test will be : Moondog,Ode to venus,not an audiophile cd, but very interesting for a test...

    if you can clearly pinpoint each new instruments in his apparition, from the left, to the right at the end of the piece, culminating in center, to the far right at the end, your system is very good indeed...

    After that you can enjoy that simply, forgetting anything....

    or perhaps this one:

    Last edited: Aug 21, 2017
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  10. deafmutelame
    Wow... glad to see this thread is still strong! :)

    More tracks:

    Kenny Burrell - Phinupi

    Limehouse Blues - Jazz at the Pawnshop / Arne Domnerus

    Elvis Presley - Elvis is Back - DCC 24 Karat Edition - Make Me Know it

    Rebecca Pidgeon - Spanish Harlem

    Eric Clapton - Terraplane Blues

    Astral Projection - Utopia

    Lee Morgan - The Sidewinder

    Enjoy and...keep them coming! :)
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  11. deafmutelame
    A 12+ years old thread... I'm speechless!

    Such a moving track, thanks for sharing it BelgianGurista! :thumbsup:

    Also guys, when this thread was started YouTube didn't exist, can you believe it? :D

    So now please embed the videos if you find the track on YouTube for that makes it sooo much easier to preview them. :o2smile:
  12. liquidrats
    Dream Theater's Systematic Chaos the first 3 tracks is what I open to audition any iem/headphones.
  13. chris.egeskov
    Nils Lofgren ‎– Acoustic Live

    Chris Jones - Roadhouses & Automobiles

    Chris Jones - Moonstruck
  14. truephate
    I tend to test with Blind Guardian "The Bard's Song- In The Forest" for the crispness of the guitar and cleanness of recording.
    Nightwish "Ghosts Love Score" because it's Tarja, her vocal range and power is enormous, and "Poet and the Pendulum" for the epic scope of the arrangement.
    Van Canto and Gregorian and also great tests for me for the vocal ranges. Those are some of my go-to test songs.
  15. alcyst
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