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The Basshead Club

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  1. Parall3l
    Welcome to the Basshead Club !
     The topic of this thread will be on everything basshead related including bassy music, basshead gear, etc.
    Thread OP is currently going under re-construction to separate warm headphones with high bass headphones.

    Warm headphones list:
    Hifiman HE400
    Sennheiser HD650
    High bass headphones list:
    Sony XB300, XB400, XB500, XB600, XB700, XB900, XB1000 and XB series IEMs
    Old thing will be preserved here:
    Heres a list of basshead headphones, the idea of these lists was suggested by SoulSyde.

    ------> An updated version made by Malevolent with a full price list can be found here. <------

    Note: Not all of these headphones are worth their retail price, for example, the Beats Pro are generally thought of as $150 - $200 cans

    Note2: Not all headphones have the same amount of bass emphasise, it is recommended that you use measurements, reviews and listening to determine whether a headphone has enough bass for you
    AIAIAI TMA-1 (~$180)
    Audeze LCD-2 ($995), LCD-3 ($1945)
    Audio Technica PRO500MKII, PRO700 (Allen & Heath XD-53, Denon HP1000), PRO700 MKII (~$160), ES7 (~$150), Solid Bass series
    AKG K81 (~$40), K518 (~$50), K181 (~$90), K619 (~$129), K67 (~$99), K167 ($199), K267
    Beats by Dre Pro (~$400)
    Beyerdynamic DT770 (~$180), Custom One Pro (~$200)

    Creative Aurvana Live! ($99)
    Denon AH-D400 Urban Raver ($399), DJ DN-HP700, DJ DN-HP1000, D1001, D1100, D2000 ($200~$350), D5000, D7000, AH100 (Limited 100th Anniversary model) Lawton Audio modded LA2000 Lite, LA2000, LA7000, found HERE
    Equation Audio RP-22X

    Foxtex TH-900 ($1999)

    Hifiman HE400 ($400)
    JVC DX1000, DX700, HA-S4X, HA-M5X, HA-SZ2000

    Klipsch Image One (~$100)
    M-Audio Q40 (~$120)
    Monoprice MHP-839 (~$23)
    Monster NCredible N-pulse, Inspiration 
    Panasonic RP-HTF600 (~$30)

    Reloop RHP-20 (~$170), RHP-10 (~$90)
    Phiaton MS 400 (~$210)

    Philips Fidelio L1, Citiscape Downtown ($~70), Citiscape Metro/Shibuya ($50)
    Pioneer HDJ-500 ($90), HDJ-1000 (~$130), HDJ-1500 (~$160),HDJ-2000 (~$240), SE-MJ591

    Prodipe Pro800 ($45)

    PSB M4U 2 ($400) 

    Sennheiser HD25-1-II (~$190), HD25 Amperior (~350), Momentum (status uncertain)
    Shure SRH550 DJ, SRH1540
    Smeggy Thunderpants (Modded Fostex T50RP, made by Head-fi'er smeggy found HERE)
    Skullcandy Mix Master Mike ($300), Hesh 2
    Sony V55 (~$80), XB300 (~$30), XB500 (~$50, Dark), XB700 (~$80, Dark), XB1000 (~$250-300), R10 (Bass version), XB series updated versions: XB400, XB600, XB900
    Stax Omega 2 
    Superlux HD 651 (~$45)
    TakeT H2
    Technics RP-DJ1200 (~$90)

    Ultimate Ears UE6000 ($199), UE9000 ($399)
    Ultrasone PRO 750, PRO900 (~$350, Bright) , PRO2900, HFI 580 (DJ1) (~$140, Bright) , HFI 780, Signature DJ
    V-moda Crossfade LP ($100-150, Dark), LP2 (~$180, Dark), M100 (~$300)

    Yamaha PRO300 ($200), PRO400 ($300), PRO500 ($400)
    Thanks to IshcabibleNick01, MorbidToaster, SoulSyde, OneSec, bcasey25raptor, Gilly87, RPGWiZaRD, Malevolent, swbf2cheater, Craigster75, gelocks and cn11 for helping with the headphone list
    Heres a list for basshead IEMs, expect this list to grow REALLY long
    (Custom) 1964-Q ($525)
    AKG K3003 (Bass filter)
    Audio Technica CKS series

    Beyerdynamic DTX 101 ($80)
    Brainwavz M1, M2 (~$60), M3

    B&W C5 (~$180)

    Denon AH-C710, C700, C751, C300

    DUNU Trident (~$40), Hephaes (~$90)

    Fischer Audio Eterna, Consonance 

    Future Sonics Atrios M5, Atrios M5 (MG7 driver), (custom) MG6Pro

    Hippo VB, 10EB, Boom

    Hisound Audio Wooduo 2 ($129), E212
    (Custom) JHAudio JH16
    JVC FX500, FX700, HA-FX1X, FXZ200

    Klipsch S4 (~$70) , X10

    M-Audio IE40 (TF10 rebrand)

    MEElectronics SP51 (enhanced and extreme bass settings), M9, M16, M31

    Monster Turbine series, Miles Davis Tributes

    Nuforce NE6, NE700X/M,NE 7M

    Panasonic HJE900

    Phiaton PS20

    Radius DDM

    RHA MA150 ($19)

    Sennheiser IE8, IE80, IE800, IE7, CX300 ($30)

    Shure SE215 ($100), SE846

    Sony XBA-2 ($160), XBA-3 ($220), XBA-4 ($280), XB series, EX600, EX1000

    Soul by Ludacris SL99

    Soundmagic E10

    TFTA 2100 2V1S (1V), 2100 3V2B (1XB), 2101 2V1, 2200 2V1
    (Custom) Unique Melody Merlin
    Ultimate Ears Tripple Fi 10 ($170), Super Fi 5 EB, Metro Fi 220, 350

    Velodyne vPulse (~$90)

    V-Moda Bass Freq, Vibes, Remix, Vibrato

    Westone 3 (~$300)

    Xears TD III V2 PRO Blackwood

    Yamaha EPH-100
    Thanks to Hawaniiancerveza, sulkoudai, nikp, Niyologist, SoulSyde, Totally Dubbed, lucozade, cn11, gaspir324, mechgamer123, dsnuts, warrenpchi, gelocks, Zarrick19, myap2328, Change is Good and kckc for helping with the IEM list
    Heres a list of all the amps with a bass boost function on them
    ALO Rx MK3-B
    AMB Labs M^3
    CEntrance HiFi-M8

    DigiZoid ZO
    FiiO E5, E6, E7, E7K E10, E11, E17

    GoVibe Peak, Magnum, Vulcan
    Headstage Arrow 12HE, 4T, Lyrix Pro
    Hippo Box+ 
    iBasso T4
    iFi Micro iCAN
    JDS Labs C5, C421
    Practical Decices XM4, XM5, XM6
    V-moda VAMP Verza
    Vorzüge VorzAmp Duo
    Thanks to nikp, HeadFi Fanatic, esmBOS, SoulSyde, Change is Good and crinacle for helping with the list 

    Heres a list of DAPs the lets you add some skull crushing bass with EQ settings, the idea of this list was suggested by wind016 
    iPod Touches and iPhones (With EQu or Equaliser app installed) 
    Cowons (Standard EQ + Mach3bass)
    Samsung Galaxy S and other variants (With Voodoo Sound)
    Sony WM-Z Walkman Z1060, Z1070

    Thanks to danny93 for helping with this list.

    Other interesting links:
    Heres some links to the other threads made for neutralists, trebleheads, midrangeheads and fun lovers
    The Neutral / Balanced Thread
    The Treblehead Club
    The Midrangehead Club
    The Fun/V shaped Club
    The Soundstage Head Club
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  2. Head Injury
    You could probably count me in. Blame the LCD-2's delicious bass texture.
  3. wind016
    Count me in!
    The best bass combo that I've heard so far is an Ultrasone HFI-580 and a Cowon player. It has all the bass I'd ever want, but I wonder how a ZO would sound like in a home rig.
    Submariner2 likes this.
  4. sulkoudai
    im in, Cowon J3 with Hippo VB (planning on getting the IE8)
    can't stand bright headphones
  5. Parall3l


    Agree with you on that [​IMG] dark and bassy is how I like it [​IMG]
    johnny2762 likes this.
  6. koolkat
    Definitely in.
    Head-fi needs a Group thingie... fo srs. 
    My basshead cans are Senns HD438. Modded, dampened, friggin amazing for dub. 
  7. sulkoudai
    lol, how cool would it be if there was a profile picture that says we're this group, like a gang tattoo......
    ....just being immature....
  8. Nick01
    I think I'm a basshead (a moderate one) [​IMG]
    I sold all my bass light cans such as: Beyer T5p, AKG K701 & K702 & K501 & K271, Audio Technica AD1000 & A2000x.
    I recently sold my Ultrasone pro750 because it sounds funny to my ears, but I do acknowledge its bass.
    Right now I have the following that I would consider headphones with very good bass: Edition 8, JVC DX1000, Grado GS1000i, Grado RS1 with flat pads. All 4 completely different flavors of bass.
  9. Parall3l


    Interesting idea, something like putting the picture of a subwoofer driver in the corner of every basshead's profile picture would be epic.
  10. koolkat
    Or better yet, a custom title underneath our usernames.
    Basshead Certified or Team Basshead, etc. 
  11. Parall3l


    Something like BASSHEADUS SUPREMUS would be cool as well [​IMG]
    NV2U, skywalkerjedi95 and quarath051b like this.
  12. nikp
    That idea is actually brilliant. I'll put a mini treble clef at the corner of my dp someday. [​IMG] Reminded me of gamers with clan tags. 
  13. sulkoudai


    we definitely need to do that, with a link to this thread like the OP
  14. sulkoudai
    then we should rename this thread to 'The Basshead Club'
    lol, then someones gonna make a 'The Treble-head(?) Club' and there's gonna be 'club fights' everyday on head fi
    johnny2762 and ookic like this.
  15. Parall3l


    It's done. Personally I like the name basshead club better than my original title. I'll work on an official club symbol or something like that when I'm free [​IMG]
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