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  1. DBaldock9
    Question for the vacuum tube officianados -
    Is it normal to clip, or not use, several pins on a pentode tube?
    When I had the top off of my Little Bear B4-X, I noticed that they're only using 6 of the 8 pins on 5899 tubes.
    And, I'm wondering if using all of the pins could improve the performance of the amp?
    5899 tube specs -
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  2. Podster
    Well I can one up that as they'll walk their dog and just let them crap in my yard, so now I keep extra grocery bags in the foyer for when I catch them trying to get away. I've had them argue with me and one guy thought screw you and continued to walk until he realized I grabbed my shovel and was about to fling it back at him and oh did we have a change of heart then:rolling_eyes: Graciously accepted my bag and went his merry way:grin:
  3. jerick70
    Wrist shots of a few of my new watches....

    IMG_20190716_121257.jpg IMG_20190716_121150.jpg
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  4. Podster
    One of my Bumpies just told me he saw a pair of these bad mama jammas in classifieds for $110!


    My only reaction was what are you waiting for:rolling_eyes: The craziest part of this whole thing is they are what I'm in and listening to some Dishwalla right now:open_mouth: Cue the "Twilight Zone" music now:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
  5. jerick70
    Just received this watch today. I think this is my favorite.

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  6. Podster
    A Chrono:astonished:
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  7. timorinolee
    Very nice Hamilton! Since we're in the topic of watches, I too recently made a watch purchase.

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  8. rr12267
    That happened to me with the Hawaiian Punch jingle a long time ago. Couldn’t get that darn jingle out of my head.

    Seven kinds of fruit in Hawaiian Punch .... over and over again. :anguished:
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  9. SpeakerBox
    Always seems to happen with music I hate!
  10. groucho69
    I try to replace the offending ear worm with a more acceptable tune. As you prefer.
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  11. SpeakerBox
    I try the same tactic, but am only successful about 50% of the time.
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  12. Dobrescu George
    So I kept doing those cables reviews, but here's the video review for FH7 themsevles!! :)

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  13. DBaldock9
    Finally decided to cut the plug off of my Beyerdynamic DT-831 Headphone cable, and replace the 3.5mm TRS with a 2.5mm TRRS.
    Currently listening to 24-Bit/192-KHz tracks from my PC -> Topping D70 DAC -> iBasso PB2 Amp (2x Burson V6 Classic; 4x BUF634P Buffers w/Class A Bias Resistor) -> DT-831, and they still sound great.
    Also took advantage the Amazon Prime Day price ($79.99), and ordered a LOXJIE P20 Full Balanced (Input to Output) Tube Hybrid Headphone Amplifier - which I intend to modify, by adding sockets to allow op-amp rolling. :ksc75smile:
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  14. OldDude04
    @jerick70 @mbwilson111 I decided to see if I could mod up some ear pads for the Nighthawk carbons. I took the plastic inserts out of my stock alcantara pads and then slid them into a regular pair of HM5 pleather pads I had sitting around, then I popped the necessary holes in them. The reason I tried this is if we can't get the original Nighthawk hybrid ear pads easily anymore, then why couldn't we use our plastic inserts with a pair of the HM5 Hybrid pads? It turned out perfectly, I'll put a couple pics below. I can't comment on sound yet, I've only done one pad and I don't have the HM5 hybrids yet, I just wanted to be sure it worked first.

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  15. jerick70
    Cool man. You will have to give us some impressions when you get these.

    I received my hybrid pads and they are nice. Still seeing how these stack up against my other pads.
    Last edited: Jul 17, 2019
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