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The Altmann Tera Player - Thread

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by musicday, May 1, 2014.
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  1. flymetothemoon
    Tera is unique.
  2. musicday
    Tera may not be long available for sale as Charles may be running out of the Philips DAC as is not produced anymore for years.
  3. goodvibes
  4. TheDecline01
    Hi, partly because of you crazy guys, I have decided to take the plunge and but this Tera (crazy me...). I have had flashes of its grandeur even with the supposedly not great matching Togo! 334, but I have one annoying issue:

    On my 128Gb SD Card (from Komputer Bay), it can read all of the songs, no problem. Unfortunately it would play only the first 30 sec or so of each song (or maybe is it a percentage as the length of the... extract seems different for each song that I've listened to). Is it a problem coming from the SD Card or is it related to the Tera? I will try to get my hands on a more reasonably sized SD Card as soon as I can, but I'd like to know if any of you Tera holders have ever encountered the issue, and of course how it was solved!

    Anyway, I'm glad I've finally put my hands on it, it reminds me of the older time, and it's all about music, no fashion, no fancy, only raw and desirable music (at the expanse of our wallets and GUI).

  5. musicday
    Never had any problems with my 128 GB Kingston class 10 sdxc with Tera.
    I am quite sure that in your case is the card.
    How much did you paid for it?
    Congratulations and welcome among the best music player owners.
  6. TheDecline01
    Hi, thanks for the greeting. Actually I bought the cheapest card I could find... 42€ which is about the lowest you can get in France. I may have to try being a little bit less cheap on the next card, and also maybe target a smaller one.
  7. burtomr
    #1 RULE Regarding ALL Memory Cards:  Always test them right after you buy them, no excuses !!
    Ideally you should buy only from vendors (incl. EBay) that will refund if the card is defective...tranlation - FAKE.
    THE Best (Free) Card Test App:  H2WTEST
    Any questions?
  8. Tera Girl
    Hi, what you need to do is reformat your card to FAT32. Doing so will wipe the card clean of all your music so make sure you put your files somewhere where you can move them back onto the card after you reformat it.
    Here are instructions on how to do so for both Windows and Mac:
    Don't worry, I had a similar issue with my 8G card at first. The problems were all sorted out when I reformatted my card. I've played a 128G card on my Tera with no issues. Good luck and welcome to the wonderful world of Tera heaven. :)
  9. musicday
    If you don't mind me asking how much did you pay for your Tera Player?
    Is it a 2014 model with new algorithm programme and more RAM?
    In theory the light should blink more rarely when you play music for new model right? Get yourself some Korta Koss headphones and enjoy great quality music.
  10. TheDecline01
    Ok, thanks for your answers, will try all of that. In order:

    -Burtomr: I bought it from Amazon.fr marketplace, so should be no problem getting a refund. I'm sure it's legit though only the quality not being top notch, the size was 118Gb after formatting it to fat32 and I've fed it with 50Gb already. Anyway, I reckon I haven't tried to actually open a file from it while on my computer, your test will be worth be done as soon as I can, I'm on vacations right now.

    - Teragirl: as said above, the card was already formatted to fat32, but I guess it's still worth getting back from scratch. I also wanted to remove all the files and add them one by one to test.

    - Musicday: it's a used one from early 2013. Got it for 820€ but I was able to pick it up directly in Indonesia. Add in all the paypal and shipping fees, You may get closer to 900€ in the end.

    Thanks everybody! Let the music begin!
  11. musicday
    Spoke to Charles, very nice clever guy.
    When my Tera is due for a battery replacement he will update the new random algorithm programme also.Until then I enjoy it very much.
    Cheers, :)
  12. suicidal_orange

    On the site is says Charles did the battery measuremnet with a six year old battery, if my Tera makes it to that age I think the buttons will be worn through!
  13. TheDecline01
    And problem solved for the songs being cut. Apparently the Tera didn't like the way I massively converted 150Go of flac to wav at once. I'll have to do it all again step by step...
    Thanks for your contributions!
  14. musicday
    I still belive that is my duty as a Tera Player owner to share with anyone how good this music player sounds.
    Queen-Radio Ga Ga wow....they sing on the room for me..
    If you haven't heard the Tera before ask me how you can have an audition and start saving to get one.
  15. HiFlight

    I returned my Tera-Player to Charles for him to address the loose headphone jacks. He updated them to the current production version which incorporates rubber thingys which keep the connections tight. He also updated the Random play algorithm and buffer, all at no charge.
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