1. Astell&Kern A&futura SE300

    Astell&Kern A&futura SE300

    Features fully discrete 24 bit R-2R DAC Equipped with 96 ultra-precision 0.01% & TCR10 resistors New UI with "Crimson" theme and option for OS / NOS modes New Dual-AMP (Class A/AB) mode A&K self-developed FPGA technology Bluetooth 5.0 and Dual Wireless (2.4 & 5GHz) HiFi
  2. Matthew Willims

    Musician Audio Aquarius R2R DAC

    Ok, I thought I'd start up this thread for discussion of the Musician Aquarius R2R DAC. I've had mine burning in for a few days now. Upon first turning on, it sound broken.... Your average $30 DAC off eBay sounded better. After 4 days it is in many respects rivaling my previous Mutec MC3+USB +...
  3. GoldenOne

    An exploration of Chord DAVE, MScaler, Qutest, and Holo May, HQPlayer

    I currently have a number of fantastic products on my desk, and given this interesting opportunity to directly compare some products that are usually not something many will have heard, and if they have, will likely have heard on different systems, I wanted to do just that. Compare in a direct...
  4. GoldenOne

    Need advice on which R2R dac to go with.

    I'm currently looking for an R2R dac to pair with my benchmark AHB2 and hifiman susvaras. Currently I'm looking at the holo spring 2 (Wildism extreme edition), Holo may, and denafrips terminator. I know that its going to be pretty hard to go "wrong" with any of these, but am curious if anyone...
  5. jpoyarzun

    Metrum Acoustics new DAC model Flint

    So, I was checking Metrum website and found a new DAC model called Flint. It seems that it has the same two modules that they use on amethyst. There's no much info out there except some board images. I reached them by mail and got a couple pictures that I now share with you: The facts I...
  6. studer

    Non oversampling DAC options

    After extensive experimenting, there are many things about the NOS DACs that makes it more appealing for me. If you had the chance to compare/test please share your thoughts - I wish I could listen/test before buying, but they are quite rare and sometimes expensive and not easy to source - thanks!
  7. musicday

    The Altmann Tera Player - Thread

    Please feel free to join our discussion or ask anything related to the Tera player : developed and made by Charles Altmann in 2011. The Philips R2R DAC inside sounds so real, like nothing I have heard before. Please  post some photos of your Tera player. Thank you for visiting and being a part...