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The Altmann Tera Player - Thread

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by musicday, May 1, 2014.
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  1. musicday
    Is a shame there will be no London 2014 hi fi meeting as I would have loved to try my Tera with other full size closed headphones that match or are better in sound with Korta KLoss moded.
    My one and only gadget from many others that will neverbe sold.
    Hope Charles won't charge lots to replace the battery after few years.
  2. smial1966
    Nothing to stop you organising a meet buddy! :wink_face:

  3. musicday
    I can't as I am a foreigner,but if you are willing we.can always meet in a park local and have a picnic also
  4. smial1966

    We are all 'foreign' to some extent, as I'm descended from a mixture of Nordic and Irish blood.

    Having organised the 2012 UK Head-Fi Meet I feel as though I've done my bit. It is very disappointing how reluctant UK members are to arrange a meet, as it's not difficult and just takes a bit of application. So you guys should stop moaning about the lack of a 2014 gathering and commit to doing something about it.

  5. flymetothemoon
    I thought you have sold your TP a while ago?  Have you?
  6. smial1966
    Nearly sold it but a few minor blemishes put the buyer off and I've now decided to keep it.  [​IMG] 
  7. flymetothemoon
  8. apmusson
    I agree with tgdinamo. I tried my tera with the 1plus2 at a Headfi meet in London last year. They are a superb match unamplified. One of the best combos I have heard. If I could afford them I wouldn't look back.

  9. tgdinamo
    If you are thinking of buying 1plus2 at this point I would recommend to buy Ref 1 instead (both phones are from Tralucent, where Ref 1 is their new flagship). I have Ref 1 already for couple of weeks and it's even better than already amazing 1plus2 (occasional sibilance I noticed on 1plus2 is completely gone on Ref 1, and mids and bass are even better).
    Also, Ref 1 works perfectly fine with the stock Tralucent cable (gold/silver) while to get the most out of 1plus2 it's better to upgrade the cable to either ultra expensive uber cable, or something else from another vendor.
  10. flymetothemoon
    As Tera's SQ leans on the soft side and with 1Plus2's super sharp characteristic and they are one perfect match
  11. angelo898
    the tera is truly an amazing player. the SQ for the size and battery life make it truly unbeatable
  12. flymetothemoon
    You are right...Tera's battery is amazing.  I always looking at my AK240 on how much power remaining but when using Tera this has never come to my mind.
  13. musicday
    In fact Tera battery seems not to be discharged not even after weeks if I don't use it, but I enjoy it very much and is a treat to hear that sound reproduction all the time.
  14. flymetothemoon
    Thanks for reminding me to charge my TP and going to do that tonight.
  15. apmusson

    Thanks for the heads up... I think... I have started to think about selling my old iems and earbuds to see if I can raise enough cash... :)

    Certainly the best I've heard (not tried the ref1s yet). Had the Tera player for over 18 months now. One of my best audio purchases.
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