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The Altmann Tera Player - Thread

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by musicday, May 1, 2014.
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  1. flymetothemoon
  2. suicidal_orange
    My Tzars have disappeared somewhere in my house ([​IMG] [​IMG]) so it seems I'm in the market for some every day commute Tera friendly IEMs.  Unfortunately I spent all my spare money for the month going to festival...
    Having had a read around the Cardas EM5813 and JVC HA-FX850 are reasonably priced options that sound good, if I can find them in the UK.  Has anyone tried any others that I should consider lately?
  3. flymetothemoon
    Tralucent Ref.1...might be out of your budget and is a perfect fit to Tera too.
  4. Rumpelstiltskin
    Yes, the Tralucent 1+2 (and Ref.1 I believe) have sublime synergy.
    Next best for me (from my owned units) is the Senn IE800.
    Good luck.
  5. suicidal_orange
    Thanks, I'm well aware that the Tralucents are the IEMs of choice but last I looked I could buy three pairs of the Cardas, JVC or indeed the Tzars which I've been enjoying for the past 18 months for that price.  If the Tzars didn't hiss I'd have bought another set without hesitation but I'm hoping the world has moved on.
    Besides, in a world where I cannot even look after an IEM in my own home which do you think an expensive IEM would be a good investment? [​IMG]
    I'll have to sell some stuff as is, it's about time really as 90% of my listening is on the Tera so I don't need so much at home.
  6. Rumpelstiltskin

    Some good deals available on second hand IE800's.
  7. flymetothemoon
    How could this be...you must be owning a castle.
  8. Rumpelstiltskin
    A quote from Nirmalanow, currently selling his (again):
    "After trying the Tera with a pair of JVC HA-FX850's I have decided to keep it. It is the best sound I have ever heard."
    Anyone knows if the new Tera-player LIGHT is different from the old one, in terms of the SQ/specs?
    The huge disparity is the price is quite puzzling, to me.
  10. smial1966
    I reckon that this is Charles just being mischievous and selling a standard Tera Player at a different price with a changed faceplate graphic. After all, Mr. Altmann is noted for being somewhat quirky!  
    I'll email Charles about this.
    Thinking of getting 1 to complement my 240 & 901, but I'm not keen on paying so much for the old one if the new Tera is exactly the same but with different face-plate.
  12. suicidal_orange

    Actually I have the opposite problem - all my stuff is in one room (away from my toddler niece's mouth) and I'm really not good at organising.  It's so bad I'm waiting until I have the house to myself for a week so I can take everything that moves out so I can see to sort it all [​IMG]

    That is some recommendation, seems they should be top of my list.  Thanks! 
  13. suicidal_orange
    I now have in my ears a nearly new pair of the aforementioned JVCs and am thinking that Nirmalanow may be correct - they do sound very good, and this is without the recommended hundreds of hours of burn in!
    Sadly they are still too sensitive so I can still hear some background hiss but it's definitely an improvement over the Tzars.  I think I'm good for another 18 months or more [​IMG] 
  14. Rumpelstiltskin
    Great to hear it.
  15. fp581
     hi, i amp in need for overhead (not full size if possible) headphones for my tera (ear issues) budget- up to 450$-500$
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