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The Altmann Tera Player - Thread

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by musicday, May 1, 2014.
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  1. Tera Girl
    Ohhh, I hadn't accounted for the possibility of the jack not fitting into the Tera right away. Thanks for the heads-up!
  2. tgdinamo
    When you order Ref 1 (or 1plus2) you get to choose what type of jack you want. So you can just tell Tralucent (Gavin) you will be using the phones with Tera and he can give you list of options (without need for converters).
  3. Rumpelstiltskin

    He's got a balanced cable termination for the AK240 by the sound of it.
  4. Tera Girl

    Thank you!!
  5. musicday
    Anyone tried Tera with Westone W60?
    I really like them, and glad to see that my thread has taken off.
    Has anyone have paint coming of the buttons?
  6. flymetothemoon
    I think it is a piece of sticker onto the top of the buttons and thus no paint would come off
  7. Tera Girl
    The orange center button has some wear on it (white is showing through now). I think I was probably using my nail too much on that button instead of my finger tip. I'm careful now to only press with finger pads so I don't wear it off any more.
  8. Tera Girl
    Well! I placed my order for the Ref 1s last night (stock cable, 3.5mm jack plug) with Gavin last night. LOL!!! $1,650. You guys are killin' me and my bank account. [​IMG]  But bless this site because without it I never would have heard of the Tera. Curses on me and my high standards and taste!! [​IMG]
  9. flymetothemoon
    Now this is not the end. It is not even the beginning of the end. But it is, perhaps, the end of the beginning.

    Winston Churchill


    Uber is up next!

  10. tgdinamo
    I feel for you - went through the same thing after I joined this site. Only wish I would have listened to the advice to get 1plus2 right away instead spending money on all those other intermediate phones first (ok it was a learning experience but still ...).
    At least I did not make that mistake with the dap - went for the best (Tera) right away and have not regretted it - best purchase ever. Tera also completely changed my life as far as music goes (made me as enthusiastic about music all over again - same as way back when I was in high school collecting vinyls).
  11. Tera Girl
    Aaaaaaaarghhhh!!! That's what I'm afraid of. Next year maybe!
  12. Tera Girl
    I completely agree about the Tera. I wanted a music player (something other than an Apple product) and went wrong by hearing good things about the Sansa Clip and buying one (how naive I was). It was a decent player at first until the software crapped out on me. It is now a dead chunk of plastic sitting in a bin somewhere. Researched more; found the Tera.
    The search for anything better is over probably. It made me go through all my CDs, convert them, and buy CDs I hadn't listened to in 20 years! No regrets! I'm old school (used to listen to music on cassette and vinyl). How far we've come.
    Next bank breaker will be all the new music I begin to buy at 24 bits / 192 Khz. I'm so screwed. :)
  13. tgdinamo
    No doubt music will cost you - because it does make a difference (I should know by now after already easily spending north of $1K on HDTracks).
    Although you should keep in mind that Tera does not do 24 bits (will play the 24 bit files but drop the 8 least significant bits). Does not matter though - Tera does 192 Khz effortlessly and even at 16 bits still has better (analog, vinyl like) SQ than few other high end players I tried (HM901 and AK120).
  14. musicday
    So nobody with a Tera have tried Westone W60?
  15. Tera Girl
    Not me, sorry.
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