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The Altmann Tera Player - Thread

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by musicday, May 1, 2014.
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  1. tgdinamo
    I disagree with this. I have been using Tera with 1plus2 over the last year or so and it's the best SQ I have ever heard - without any additional amp.
    I have also purchased the Ref 1 and am burning those in at the moment. Hoping they may take care of the occasional sibilance 1plus2 struggles with with some recordings (but only on handful of hot recordings).
    By the way, in my opinion Tera is better than both AK120 and HM901 - don't know about AK240 as I have not had the chance to audition it.
    Of course the trick with Tera is to get the right phones - meaning either Koss Porta Pro if you want open, or one of the Tralucent IEM's - nothing else I have tried gets even close to how great those pair with Tera.
  2. Mshenay
    so best player in the world sounds best with... the Koss Porta Pro or an Iem xD brilliance
    but seriously though, with a lot of cans getting easier to drive it should start to really shine! Cans like the K812 for example 
  3. tgdinamo
    Easy to dismiss Koss just because they are cheap. However Mr Altmann certainly knew what he was doing when he picked Porta Pros to tune Tera, so better/smarter and certainly more informed approach would be to find a way to audition how these pair with Tera before passing judgement.
  4. flymetothemoon
    There should be other solution apart from the Porta only needs time to find out
  5. fp581
    how dos the shure se846 sound like with the tera (there is a last one deal in a shop here)
  6. fumanchu
    The solution seems difficult: audition lots of headphones. It helps that many people have left their impressions and recommendations. I am extremely happy with 1964ears Quads, and used both amped and unamped. Putting my Portaphile amp into the mix frees me to use various headphones without concern for any impedance issues.

    The thing is, Tera processes Digital to Analogue differently than any other portable you are ever going to find. Coupled with my excellent amp, the stack sounds amazing and while less portable, it works with any headphone around. Then, when used separately it is sill amazing with my 1964 CIEMs.... Obviously there is a noticeable difference in sound quality when I place a $550 amp in line, and it is very nice on 12 hour airplane rides. This difference in sound is really only significant however when concentrating on the music, so for me the decision is just moving/ sitting and I am delighted either way. The portability of the Naked Tera makes it an unbeatable compact player which I would take on any activity (away from water). I'm enjoying skiing, skateboarding, sky diving... think top quality sound while on the move!

    I guess its worth investigating which headphones work straight out of Tera... I just lucked out with having no prior insight. Still, the power of the "stack" provides a quality of sound that isn't just excellent, but is actually of a completely different technology than you can find even in most home systems. For anyone who loves the stack concept the output impedance would seem irrelevant

    Good luck trying headphones, and enjoy the Tera sound.
  7. burtomr
    I own 1plus2's and bought 846's to try 'em......sold 846's straight away. No comparison. 1plus2's (or Ref.1's) blow 'em 846's away, period. Note: Ref.1 bass is stunning, no comparison to 846. Think: elephant vs mouse.
  8. flymetothemoon
    Could you please share more the difference between 1plus2 & the 846?  
    846 has a lot of followers and has been praised by many
  9. burtomr
    How many 846 fans have ever heard or tried a Tralucent?? I couldn't find any so I bought 846's to try myself.
    846: Smaller sound stage, less treble, way less bass except very low bass - just doesn't compare to 1plus2. 
    1plus2: Very large sound stage (really makes music come alive), clear crisp highs, great impactful bass although maybe not as low as 846.
    Ref.1: (Still breaking-in) Incredible detailed bass. Makes you want to relisten to every track you own to discover the bass you never heard before.
    The 846 is not a bad IEM...it just doesn't hold a candle to either Tralucent IEM.
  10. flymetothemoon
    Many thanks.
    I'm extremely happy with my Ref.1 and would let go the 1Plus2 later.
  11. Tera Girl
    Hi, who makes the Ref. 1 headphones being discussed here?
    I'm on the hunt for some better headphones for my Tera at the moment. I am currently using my Etymotic ER 6is (which have made me happy with my Tera so far but I know I can do better).
    I could get a pair of 1plus2s for $1,400 but ouch! I'm not sure that would be a bright decision for me to make financially right now. :)
  12. Tera Girl
  13. tgdinamo
    Ref 1 are made by Tralucent - same company that makes 1plus2. And they cost about $1,450 - but completely worth it (just like 1plus2). I have both 1plus2 and Ref 1 and can confirm that Ref 1 is an improvement over an already amazing 1plus2 (occasional sibilance is completely gone, bass is even better, mids are richer, and the cables don't pop out of the earpieces as they sometimes did with 1plus2 - at least not during the first week of owning Ref 1).
  14. Tera Girl
    Thanks for your quick response! Hmmm... I just may have to take this plunge and get them (I write as I scan the room for things to sell off).
  15. flymetothemoon
    A pic before you take the plunge...
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