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Discussion in 'Portable Headphone Amps' started by kb, Mar 26, 2015.
  1. bflat
    Doubt it. Even under Mac OS, CDM needs a driver for DSD so it does not use standard USB class 2 audio.
  2. haiku
    Ok, thanks. :v:
  3. kukkurovaca
    Hi, folks. I recently picked up a secondhand CDM, and have been enjoying it. I was wondering if folks had advice regarding the relative importance (if any) of balanced input vs. single-ended when using the CDM with an external dac or DAP via line-in. This isn't an urgent question because I actually like the DAC in the CDM a lot. (Slightly to my surprise, given reviews.)

    It seems like the general wisdom up to now has been that the best bang for buck in portable/transportable DACs have been the Chord Mojo and the iFi Micro Black Label. There's also a Black Label version of the iFi Nano coming out soon. These are all single-ended. The Shanling M3S is coming out next month (balanced DAP w/USB DAC functionality), the Fiio Q5 should also be out in the relatively near future (balanced DAC), and there are also balanced DAPs already on the market. (I'd prefer not to spend Astell & Kern money, but the Aune M1S is v. affordable and seems very well-liked at least as regards sound.)

    Anyway, I was wondering whether it made sense to go for the best overall source that's within budget, or the best balanced source that's within budget.
  4. cj3209
    I preferred the CDM DAC over the mojo DAC. I would let my ears to the shopping for me.

  5. kukkurovaca
    Okay, completely different sort of question:

    I just swapped the stock tubes for Sonotones, and in the process, some of the adhesive under the tubes came off with the old tubes. So, I'm not sure if the adhesive that's still left on the board is enough to keep the new tubes from rattling.

    If I need to replace it, is there a particular material that I should use?
  6. bflat
    You probably want to confirm with ALO support for sure, but here is my take. I've swapped tubes numerous times and it's not possible to have enough of the adhesive material where it is touching both tube and PCB with every single type of tube. I just leave the material on the PCB about midway of the tube and don't worry about the adhesive not touching the tubes. This ensures the glass never touches the PCB. The tubes themselves should not rattle unless you are jogging while wearing the CDM. But I mostly use my CDM as a transportable desktop so if you are somehow using it in a highly mobile manner, I'm sure ALO will send you some more material.
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  7. kukkurovaca
    Thanks! I'm not jogging with it, but I usually commute via bike, with my stuff rattling around inside a pannier. But I've got the CDM in a hard case with foam inside, so it's not being overly abused ::fingers crossed::
  8. haiku
    The CDM is the best example that portable Headphone Amps are far from dying out. It sound so much better in every way than just my AK380 or even the SP1000. Every day I´m totally wowed by the SQ every time I start listening.
  9. haiku
    Listening to the reissue of Canned Heat´s "Living the Blues" in 24/192. CDM + 6BF7 "Big Fatties". Sounds sublime, simply sublime...... Listening tip "Refried Boogie". Makes you just want to step up and boogie along!
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  10. Malevolent
    Yes. If you're willing to invest in a bit more (okay, a few hundred to a thousand bucks more), and if you don't mind the extra weight and bulk, the presence of a portable amplifier will certainly take things to the next level. I've never once felt that my portable amps aren't adding anything good to the overall picture, be it extra fullness to the sound, a touch more weight in the lower frequencies, or an increase in dynamics and staging size.

    The CDM certainly enhances the SP1000 SS, giving the overall sound extra body, a touch more warmth, and greater vocal authority and presence. Great pairing, the 2! :)
  11. bflat
    I've had a couple amp makers tell me that subminiature tubes were used for missile guidance systems since the 1940s and designed for rugged military spec. They also last for about 10K hours.
  12. Malevolent
    Hmm. Did it make the missiles a touch too warm? :D
  13. bflat
    It certainly helps make their targets more "airy and open" after impact.
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  14. Malevolent
    Haha! Brilliant!

    Who knew audiophiles could make good comedians? :joy:
  15. gunwale
    i am looking at alo cdm, wa8 and tur-06 for my iem 16ohms 114 sensitivity.

    anyone tried at least two of them before?


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