Taction Technology KANNON Headphone

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by hawaiibadboy, Jan 17, 2016.
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  1. jameswalker
    My main genres are dnb, dubstep, trap. Though I like a lot of other music too. The kannons fit the bill perfectly.
  2. Mshenay Contributor
    Yea I don't bout it! I'll need to hear them first however! I grew up on the XB700 pumping and extra +12 DB from a Fiio E11 back in the day I used to live in this thread too but with bass heavy headphones impressions aren't worth much to me. The measurements for the Kannon though look pretty solid, and it's adjustable so that's something. Though it's pretty even in the mid range and I like the dip at 3k and the fairly flat response up to 10k, I imagine it'll be pretty dark which is alright
  3. Hawaiibadboy Contributor
    I got a written review coming but to put it TL/DR,
    I no longer mess with other overears hunting. Unless this tech is magnified/improved it is un beatable. The experience is so unique if you go to 9 or 10 on the taction and add a portable amp like an A5 for example, it is identical to an SZ2K on full blast on an iDSD micro on turbo with bass EQ and no worries about hearing damage.

    The KANNON killed a branch of this hobby for me. They are that awesome.
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  4. Mshenay Contributor
    I don't doubt it! As much as I'd like to look at a gorgeous JVC DX 2000... I'll likely wind up with both. A pretty piece for my collection AND something a bit better and more practical for just listening to EDM. Fidelity isn't really something I concern my self with when I listen to EDM. It's all synth anyways who cares, not that I view it as any less masterful and beautiful but trying to PERFECTLY recreate something that started out as Digital anyways... seems goofy. It's my guilty pleasure, and seeing as this product is almost 3 years old now apparently, I might wait to see if they release a new and improved product.
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  5. Wallboy
    Still waiting on those SPL measurements... If it can't beat the 125+ dB levels of the SZ2K, can it really be the bass king?
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  6. AlwaysForward
    Is the battery user replaceable?
  7. Radeongas
    I am also interested in if the batteries is replaceable. Also if there is some tests of defect/shorted/"old" batteries and continued use of headsets with external power.
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  8. Psiga
  9. RPGWiZaRD
    Been working on EQ setting for Kannons this evening, this improves the overall balance on my setup/ears slightly bit, nothing too much of a drastic tweak, mostly slightly bit crispier treble than unEQ'd. Tested both with stock pads & my prefferred Shure 840 replacement pads that improves the sound further, works fine with both (sound is better with the Shure 840 pads which improves soundstage size and treble resolution though). Very nice detailed balanced sounding together with that tactile felt bass. :) The good thing is that you don't have to listen loud at all to have a very nice experience. I felt there was slight bit of ringing going just north of 2kHz which might be prominent with some female vocals or synths so slight decrease of -1.5dB took care of that nicely as well as the upper bass is slightly too prominent at 170Hz'ish or so making things sound slightly on the muddy side of things in this region so the -1.5dB takes care of that nicely too. Then it's a bit too rolled off up top but nothing not too badly so the slight bit boost there will take care of that.

    I've also very slightly bit increased the clamping force on my pair to get a better tactile felt experience as it was slightly bit too loose standard for my liking/head. The clamping force can do pretty big difference if it's the case the pads sit pretty gently on the ears, especially the Shure 840 pads are ever so slightly softer which makes it feel like clamping force is also that bit less so.

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  10. davixx500
    Didn't check in for a while. I'm #382 at which point are we with the shipments ? do we know anything currently ?
  11. gikigill
    Anyone interested in buying my Kannons? Barely used for one hour and charged once.
  12. Psiga
    Hah. I would, @gikigill, but I presume that I can't back out of my purchase at this point. Irony-or-something.
  13. gikigill
    Did you order yours on Kickstarter too?
  14. Psiga
    Nope; I was late to the party, and had to order from tactiontechnology.com. Up to then, I'd been waiting for my Kickstarter'd nuraphones to show up (/sadtrombone https://www.head-fi.org/threads/nuraphone.858879/#post-13939894 ). At this point, my receipt from Taction is saying that my order number is in the 11,000s, and we haven't heard from @FightinJim in a while now, so gosh knows when I'm due to get mine. The Taction website says nothing about cancellations or returns, so that's awkward ― otherwise I'd be completely happy to buy them off of you (I very-merrily bought some MA-900s through Head-Fi in the past). Oh well. I'll chalk it up to Murphy's Law.
  15. Psiga
    Are you in much of a hurry to move 'em? I've sent an email through their contact page to find out whether an order can be cancelled while it's in the 'Processing' stage, though I'm reluctant to get hopes up. Will understand if somebody swoops in here before they get back to me, etc. Do you have any particular sell price in mind?
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