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Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by hawaiibadboy, Jan 17, 2016.
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  1. Hawaiibadboy Contributor
    All that typing and I read nothing because the first line.

    I don't wanna something something (then does it anyway)

    I bought that item based on your over the top declarations of it's ability. It went to pieces. You said something about me being unlucky etc etc. Who cares what Z thinks? Not me. I hope nobody in this thread for the KANNON reads about the Q40 and dares buy it as it is surely years old, poorly built, no support and likely going to fail.

    Take last word as I recall that being important for you and lets move to the Kannon and not the $180 I wasted on that piece of ------
  2. Vonsid
    That seems a lot, my order 4 months ago was 400 something. Good for them if it's so successfull.
  3. RPGWiZaRD
    That's fine, I wasn't writing specifically towards you but anyone who reads the thread to better be able to understand where I'm coming from with my feedback, it's easy to get confused and missunderstand each other in this hobby.

    I'm totally ok man with you not liking them, that's totally fine bro. I don't even expected you to as I've followed your comments/threads and know how you are like and what your tastes are etc. We two are like the opposite side of personalities so it would be weird if we had the same opinions on everything or liked the same stuff. About Z review I do think he has some merit to it (I don't either fully agree with his ways all the time) but due the fact he has gone through so many various gears is a very good merit which is hard to downplay on from an objective standpoint. I wouldn't either recommend Q40 to people anymore because it's EOL so good luck finding them for starters (ok some left overs here and there still). I'm merely using it here for some kind of comparison, I could compare to Signature DJs or whatever but it's been years since so wouldn't be quite accurate comparison. I'm not the kind of person who tries to force my preferred gear on others, I just like to use them as reference as those are the gears I know best. All I care about is I love the headphones and I've got hard time finding something irrelevant of price that is sounding more how I want it to and I'm a bit fcked if my pair would suddenly break so that's why I'm trying to look for alternatives.

    I don't want to fight you or be some kind of enemy, we both like bass so there's that but we have other priorities and tastes, normally I wouldn't spend this much time trying to post back but I feel there's some unwarranted tension between us two that I think is mostly due to not understanding each other well enough and we being so different in nature (as you see I struggle to write short messages for example :p). Let's just end this talk here and focus more on the subject though. I like Kannons a lot though and the issue I brought up is not really an issue but for only like 5% perhaps of music out there if even that and sadly the genre where this is most percieved happens to be the genre I like most but for 95%+ of the people out there it's not going to be an issue.

    You can have the last word if you want, peace! :)
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  4. Hawaiibadboy Contributor
  5. Radeongas
    Backer number 96 here. I got my Kannons yesterday and are very pleased with the sound, just what I needed for a lot of the music I listen to. It's nice to be able to listen at a lower volume and relax instead of getting fatigued by playing loud on my old headset (Beyerdynamic DT700). Only thing I have a problem with is using the Kannon while charging it. It gets a lot of interference from USB making it unusable, but i found out if I set the volume to 2 on the in-line controller most of the noise is gone. Will be buying a low noise linear power supply and some filtering and see if that fixes it. Future Kannons should have supplied a USB cable with ferrites on it or other form of interference mitigation.
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  6. jameswalker
    Can you post up the products that you bought to mitigate charging noise? Thanks
  7. Radeongas
    I was thinking about this one http://r.ebay.com/PJHGtm. I won't buy the more expensive ones because I can just modify the cheap ones if they are not up to the task.
  8. Radeongas
    Ah, you wrote charging noise. I have not thought about that, I took it as granted that a product like Kannon would be usable under charging if the power source was clean. I have a battery bank somewhere, will test with that as soon it's charged.
  9. jameswalker
    You understood me correctly. Please report back if that linked device above fixes the noise you get, as I get the same. Doesn't matter too much given how I use it, but would be good.
  10. Radeongas
    I tried to use a multiport USB charger driven off 220VAC and the noise is almost gone. I guess I have a notorious noisy USB system on my PC and screens. Also this is what noise you will have on USB with a Asus Xonar U3 plugged in and running an SDR.

  11. Mshenay Contributor
    Neat! Any one have an immediate link to Hawaii's review of these? Caught a glimpse of them on a reddit add and Taction's web site quote's him but does NOT link to the review... which is silly

    Non the less, I'm ashamed to admit I just got a set of speakers in home for movies and after years of headphones I'm impressed with how well even my little LSR 308S present bass! Like WHOA I forgot how that in the chest slam feels! Not that my LCD 2s aren't enough they just not... well the same! An I'm still in need of a true EDM headphone, as the Eikon, LCD 2 ect... are all nice for EDM but I miss the sheer visceral energy of my old LA D2k! It really shook your head/neck/jaw nicely, very cool

    Sounds like these might a a better option rather than chasing a JVC DX2000 or what not, especially since most of my EDM choices is simpler Dub Step where I'm not as concerned with detail retriveal or imaging, just a non congested sound with a TON of bass slam and come clarity in the mid range
  12. Monsterzero
    His review is on page 1 of this thread
  13. BB 808
    Video review can be found here: audioholikz reviewz
  14. jameswalker
    The Kannons are exactly what you need.
  15. Mshenay Contributor
    Oh so that video was his Review... ahh I was looking for something typed up! Thank you

    You may be right, certainly something to start saving up for
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