Susvara Unveiled: Now Available to Pre-Order @ HeadAmp
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May 22, 2015
Just a few days ago, HIFIMAN announced a new flagship, the Susvara Unveiled, which aims to improve upon the Susvara which has stood the test of time, facing numerous opponents - dynamic, planar, and electrostatic - over the past several years and each time emerging as a worthy contender for world's best headphone (Properly amped!)

While we wait to receive our batch of Susvara Unveiled from HIFIMAN, we'd like to open up pre-orders on our online shop - which offers the option of either a refundable $200 deposit. We're expecting to receive these Susvara Unveiled around the very end of June.

A Link to Pre-Order Susvara Unveiled (with no obligation) at HeadAmp: Pre-Order Susvara Unveiled @ HeadAmp!

Read more about HIFIMAN's announcement in their thread here: HIFIMAN Announces Susvara Unveiled

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Hopefully someone bites the bullet and take one for the team. Then bring these to CanJams and give us your impression of them against other amplifiers.

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