1. MusicTeck

    Susvara Unveiled is Open to Pre-Order Now! Plus More Exciting Updates and Sales!

    Susvara Unveiled is Open to Pre-Order Now The legendary Susvara is now getting a revolutionary upgrade. It is now open to pre-order! Seize the chance to be the first one to experience the unveiled sound performance. Susvara (2017) Susvara Unveiled (2024) Frequency Response 6Hz - 75kHz...
  2. HeadAmpTeam

    Susvara Unveiled: Now Available to Pre-Order @ HeadAmp

    Just a few days ago, HIFIMAN announced a new flagship, the Susvara Unveiled, which aims to improve upon the Susvara which has stood the test of time, facing numerous opponents - dynamic, planar, and electrostatic - over the past several years and each time emerging as a worthy contender for...
  3. Chudalicious

    Felix Envy SQ - base vs. performance w HD800 & Susvara

    Hi yall! Been awhile since I posted but having been to CanJam in NYC recently, I am stirring up the money pot (literally) to upgrade my gear. Parting with my Woo Audio WA7 desktop and moving up to the big boy of the Felix Envy. However, wondering what the distinguishable difference is for...
  4. MusicTeck

    MASS-Kobo Model 465 Is In The House!

    MASS-Kobo Model 465 Balance Headphone Amp--In Stock Model465 adopts the independent left and right power, twin balance monaural. A clean, stress-free sound that does not feel the presence of the amp is a sound appropriate for a flagship model. The output of this amplifier is balanced output...
  5. Lavricables Grand Silver Susvara baltic grey

    Lavricables Grand Silver Susvara baltic grey

    Our top product for Hifiman Susvara and HE1000 headphones. Available now in 6n purity awg20 Cryo treated multistrand litz version! Built like a tank! You won’t find similar cable anywhere else! Reveal full potential of you Hifimans!!! More about Product lines. We advice at least 150h of burn in...
  6. P

    Susvara // Setup Ferrum vs Schiit vs RME

    Hey folks, looking at buying a paid of Susvara headphones and after doing a lot of research I have boiled it down to a few set up options. The problem here is finding anyone who has set up something difference or could parse which on they would lean towards. This is as close to end game audio...
  7. L

    The Susvara Amp Thread to End all Threads 2022

    Hello everyone! My name is Adam and I am on a mission. I recently purchased the Susvara's and am using the Topping a30pro with the D30 to drive them. They sound great, but I feel like I'm not getting the full "Susvara experience". There are lots of threads on good headphone amp and even speaker...
  8. rev92

    The Battle Of The Flagships 2022 by Ear Fidelity

    Hi folks! After a year of gathering, listening, comparing, shooting photos, writing the actual flagships comparison 2022 is live! I've decided on the name "The Battle Of The Flagships" as a bow before David Mahler, the creator of the legendary thread here on Head-Fi. I've read it so...
  9. Benchmark AHB2 - as a Headphone Amp

    Benchmark AHB2 - as a Headphone Amp

    Benchmark AHB2 Power Amp Product page: by John Siau,chief engineer at Benchmark at DIY audio forum "The THX patents are: 8,004,355 8,421,531 The patented topology uses feed-forward error correction to virtually...
  10. Y

    Burson Conductor 3XR Has Blown Both Drivers in my Susvaras

    I had a Burson Conductor 3XR delivered today. Plugged my Susvara headphones in via 4 pin XLR and connected to the 3XR by Bluetooth from my Sony Walkman. Turned it on initially and it was fine for 15 minutes. Turned it off and then back on with the Susvaras still connected and there was a quiet...
  11. Blaithin

    Replacement Lubricant Material for HE1000 V2 Swivel Hinges

    So I figure I've over swiveled my HE1000 V2 from trying to check for channel imbalance problems which evidently turned out to be an ear problem, and the hinges are now creaking. I checked them and there's this grey-white shiny piece of silicone(?) sandwiched in the swivel point. I'm assuming...
  12. TaronL Hifiman Susvara Giveaway

    Every month, does a giveaway on our Youtube channel The HEADPHONE Show. Last month we gave away a Focal Utopia and this month we're going even bigger. We're giving away a Hifiman Susvara! Announcement Video: Contest details and Entry Here Valued at $6,000 USD, this is...
  13. FiiO

    [FiiO M17] Dual ES9038PRO, dual THXAAA-788+, dual power supplies, 9200mAh battery, 2 volume control modes

    The Story of FiiO M17-From FiiO James Chapter 1 Why does FiiO make a portable desktop-class player like M17? Chapter 2 How to Evaluate the Combination of Player/AMP and Headphones - Take M17 and HD800S as an Example Chapter 3 Will FiiO release more players that are better than M17 in the...
  14. thatsmithjr

    Hi I’m new

    I’ve been a lurker here for a while. Lookin for a Susvara to purchase. Or I can trade a he1000se plus cash let me know!
  15. GoldenSound

    Susvara/HE-6 with speaker amp, is the "impedance box" really needed?

    So I have an AHB2 on the way, and am on the hunt for a pair of susvaras (Currently using Arya/HD800S). I've seen this talked about in places My question is: Is this really needed? I have a custom banana plug to XLR female cable on the way too...
  16. Wifiman

    Best Desktop Amp?

    I ve been using thx789 for a year now with my Susvara and it actually is doing a pretty good job powering the susvara. But i think maybe the susvara could use more power than the 789 could provide as there are a lot of owners saying the dynamic and soundstage transforms to a different level when...
  17. harmony1992

    power amplifer and adapter to drive the headphones

    hi guys,if you have any great plan of driving the headphones with adapter to pre &power amplifer or intergrated.could you please share the experience and your combo here. the very dificult driving planar headphones such as hifiman he6/susvara abyss1266 audeze lcd4 hd800
  18. brbattles

    Seeking Hifiman EF-1000 amplifier impressions

    Hi all, I'd greatly appreciate your impressions of Hifiman's EF1000 head amp on the Susvaras and how it compares to the Woo Audio WA-33 head amp on the Susvaras to the extent you've had the opportunity to experience both combinations. Many thanks, Battles
  19. brbattles

    Seeking Hifiman EF-1000 amplifier impressions

    Hi all, I'd greatly appreciate your impressions of Hifiman's EF1000 head amp on the Susvaras and how it compares to the Woo Audio WA-33 head amp on the Susvaras to the extent you've had the opportunity to experience both combinations. Many thanks, Battles
  20. gonzalo1004es

    Abyss Phi & Susvara vs. HE-6 tonality

    Hi! For those who've been able to audition these three (no way to audition Abyss and Susvara in my country...), which one has a closer sound signature to the HE-6? I'm looking to upgrade and I'm searching for something in HE-6's tonality, which I love:) Thanks in advance!
  21. ostewart

    HiFiMan Susvara

    I haven't seen a dedicated thread to this headphone yet, so I thought why not create one, So who has heard them? Post impressions and pictures below :D
  22. MoonAudio

    NEW HiFiMan SUSVARA Headphones

    HiFiMan SUSVARA Headphones Free 2nd Day Shipping $6,000 HiFiMan SUSVARA Headphones Acoustically Invisible Stealth Magnets The HiFiMan SUSVARA Headphones use a new advanced magnet design for the first time. This design aims to be acoustically transparent, dramatically reducing wave...