Susvara Unveiled is Open to Pre-Order Now! Plus More Exciting Updates and Sales!
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Oct 26, 2015
New Jersey
Susvara Unveiled is Open to Pre-Order Now

The legendary Susvara is now getting a revolutionary upgrade. It is now open to pre-order! Seize the chance to be the first one to experience the unveiled sound performance.

Susvara (2017)Susvara Unveiled (2024)
Frequency Response6Hz - 75kHz6Hz - 75kHz
Impedance60 Ω45 Ω
Weight450g (16.16oz)430g (15.9oz)

In The Box
  • Pair of headphones
  • 3m headphone cable (4-pin XLR plug)
  • 3m headphone cable (6.35mm plug)
  • Pair of Magnetic Veils
  • Pair of ear pads (mounted on headphone)
  • Pair of Magnetic Veils
  • Owner’s Guide

The waiting is over, Pilgrim is here!

  • Brand New Four-Driver Hybrid IEMs.
  • 1DD+3 High-Performance BA Drivers.
  • 9.2mm LDR(Liqud Silicone Rubber) Dynamic Driver.
  • Three Sonion BA Drivers.
  • Three-way Frequency Crossover.
  • Handpicked Carefully Chosen Drivers.
  • Consistent Sonic Brilliance.
  • Unparalleled Build Quality.
  • 3D Printed Internal Cavity Chamber.
  • Natural, Smooth, Highly-Coherent Sound Reproduction.
Technical Information:

- Impedance: 9Ω@1kHz.

- Sensitivity: 101dB@1kHz.

- Frequency Response Range: 10Hz-20kHz.

Limited Time Sale on Astral Acoustics Pulse

Was $550, now only $200!

Astral Acoustics Pulse features 4x23 AWG long crystal OFC wires with the highest-grade type 6 litz structure, and now is only asking for $200!

Material: 4x 23 AWG Type 6 Litz Multi-Sized LCOFC Copper
Length: 120cm approx.
Handling: the Pulse is quite manageable despite its rather thick gauge. Microphonics is well-controlled.
Build time: 1 week with 50hrs run-in
1 Year Warranty


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So then what is the closed looking grill doing in the first pic? Just protection when not using?
Exactly. The driver being exposed like that is probably highly volatile.
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For $8K, they should have offered free engraving on those covers. Mine would have been the Beats logos. I do have extra Apple stickers laying around come to think of it....

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