1. MusicTeck

    Experience The FitEar Tuning and QDC Quality at An Affordable Price—qdc x FitEar Superior EX Is Now in Stock

    Superior EX For the first time ever, two leading custom IEM brands, qdc and FitEar, have joined forces! This innovative collaboration brings you the "EX" experience, combining the essence of EXecutive sound quality, EXtraordinary performance, and Unforgettable listening EXperiences. The qdc x...
  2. MusicTeck

    Effect Audio X Elysian Acoustic Labs Pilgrim: Noir Is Ready to Ship

    Effect Audio X Elysian Acoustic Labs Pilgrim:Noir PILGRIM:NOIR Product Highlights Upgraded Pilgrim with maximum potential unleashed Sub $1k premium level IEM that is highly raved, co-branded by EA and EAL Upgraded Technical Specs - 1 DD + 3BAs, 4-way crossover, Internal Wiring Upgrade with a...
  3. MusicTeck

    Susvara Unveiled is Open to Pre-Order Now! Plus More Exciting Updates and Sales!

    Susvara Unveiled is Open to Pre-Order Now The legendary Susvara is now getting a revolutionary upgrade. It is now open to pre-order! Seize the chance to be the first one to experience the unveiled sound performance. Susvara (2017) Susvara Unveiled (2024) Frequency Response 6Hz - 75kHz...
  4. RishiBoodhoo

    ISK MHD9000, Motorola Pulse Max & Motorola Pulse M Premium

    Hi, Just to share with you my new headphones and a quick review: -ISK MHD9000 -Motorola Pulse Max -Motorola Pulse M Premium I'm more an earphone person, but when I listened to my cousin's Denon AHD2000 some time back, I though maybe I can get a headphone just for the sake of having...