copper cable
  1. Darkestred

    FS: Effect Ares 2 3.5 (single ended) - Like new - $120 shipped

    Up for sale is an Effect Audio Ares II cable. This is singled-ended (3.5mm). Bought this cable to compare with the Thor 2. Used once. Outside USA - you pay shipping.
  2. TooPoorForHiFi

    (SOLD) FS: Electro Acousti 6N OCC Single Crystal Copper - 4.4 Balanced, 2-Pin 0.78

    Tired of Waiting 3+ Months ? Well, wait NO MORE! Item shipped FROM US! with FREE FIRST CLASS Shipping! that's right F R E E! Up for sale is the well known, quality proven Electro Acousti 6N OCC Single Crystal Copper in 4.4 Balanced, 2-Pin 0.78 Connector! This is one of the nicest budget Cable...
  3. yiannis.zach


  4. yiannis.zach


  5. Sotiris

    FS Lavricables Reference Silver Cable mmcx 3.5mm

    Hi Anyone interested in trading/buying the next cable ? I use them only indoor at night before sleep. They are like new, pure silver. Regards
  6. Sunstealer

    NiceHCK 16-3 copper cable 0.78mm 2 pin

    Barely used NiceHCK 4.4mm 16 core copper cable. Standard 0.78mm 2pin: £18 / €22, includes postage.
  7. VE (Venture Electronics) Zen 2 Dice Edition

    VE (Venture Electronics) Zen 2 Dice Edition

    VE ZEN II. This is the Dice edition. The Dice is the name given to the cable, which is a triple twisted copper cable. The earbuds are sensitive enough to need no amping and sophisticated enough to perform better with a DAP, DacAmp or Dragonfly/HE Odyssey type ultra portable dac dongle
  8. Mirimar

    Listing Removed

    Listing Removed
  9. OldDude04

    FS - Optoma NuForce HEM4 IEMs with Dual BA's

    SOLD Hey everybody, I'm looking to sell my mint condition set of Optoma NuForce HEM4 Dual Balanced Armature IEMs. Comes with the original box, soft case, waterproof hard case, the stock cable with the mic, an aftermarket braided copper cable, all original tips other than the foams (they were...
  10. sindri1980

    *SOLD* Effect Audio Ares II (2.5mm balanced iem cable)

    Effect Audio Ares II (2.5mm balanced iem cable) in perfect condition.
  11. admaciaszek

    Copper 2 pin under $100 Suggestions

    I had been a hard-core cable denier until I switch my t88k from silver cabble it came with to an upgrade cable off Amazon noticed an actual difference in audio quality specifically in the sub bass. Now I have rhapsodio solars which use a 2 pin and I have no cables for it other than the silver...
  12. silvahr

    Sold: Forza Audioworks Copper Series RCA (mint condition)

    Selling Forza Audioworks Copper Series RCA: - 50 cm lenght; - FAW 7N (99,99999%) Cryo OCC copper wire with PE insulation; - Termination: W&M Audio RCA; - Solder: Cardas Tri Eutetic 100% lead-free solder. PayPal fee and shipping included.
  13. Pepito


    Removed FS, decided to keep.
  14. yakitoroi

    For sale - Moon Audio Bronze dragon $190 or best offer

    up for sale are my less than two weeks old moon audio bronze dragon terminated to 4.4. These were bought to warm up my bright IEMs, which worked, but made the sound bigger. $190 or best offer. Shipping only in the US. This has been Sold.
  15. taxifahrer

    [SOLD] Balanced Portable HiFi Gig, ALO Audio Rxmk3 + Cypher Labs Solo db Dac

    SOLD For sell is my gently used high end portable gig: 1. ALO Audio Rxmk3 Portable Headphone Amplifier 2. Cypher Labs Algo Rhythm Solo -dB DAC 3. ALO Audio Copper 22 - Balanaced to Balanced Cable 4. ALO Audio 30 Pin Dock to Mini USB Cable 5. Cypher Labs Gear Bag - Black Nylon with Shoulder...
  16. 3294

    SOLD: JH Audio Roxanne The Siren Series + Moon Audio Silver Dragon v2 2,5mm & Adapter to 3,5mm

    Hi there! Finally, I'm able to put the Roxannes for sale on this forum! :D If some of you research a bit, I also have them on ebay: For the english description on the ebay announcement, please scroll down...