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power amplifer and adapter to drive the headphones

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by harmony1992, Sep 11, 2018.
  1. harmony1992
    hi guys,if you have any great plan of driving the headphones with adapter to pre &power amplifer or intergrated.could you please share the experience and your combo here.

    the very dificult driving planar headphones such as
    hifiman he6/susvara
    audeze lcd4
  2. wwwwwwwjn
    I`m interested in this topic too. Have you had any solution or recommendation?
  3. rumina
    i use(d) different class a amplifiers with headphones. most of the amps i use are nelson pass amps like the the first watt j2 or diy f5, diy pass sony vfet. for headphones like the abyss or lcd4 you don't need a box (voltage divider), only check that the offset is ok and if you like double safty first power the amp on, wait 30 sec then connect the headphones, off - first disconnect the headphone, then power off.

    today i use my abyss phi most of the time with a pathos inpol remix (10 watt class a tube hybrid amp) without box - it's the setup i like most of all my gear.

    from time to time i use my diy pass sony vfet with a box for my more efficient headphones. it's easy to build a box (voltage divider), take a look here:


    but buy some quality resistors (i use some jantzen resistors).

    btw 80-90% of the integrated amps using a voltage divider for the headphone socket, well made with good parts it's a good solution and often better then a simply opa headphone ampboard.

    imo a good class a amp with around 10-25 watt is hard to beat for power hungry headphones, only headphone amps like the dynahi are similar good.

    if your into diy audio a pass f5 is a great amp for these headphones, sadly it's hard to get the parts for a pass sony vfet but thats a real magical amp. a f5 is easy to build and to set the bias, you can made even a better match lowering the power a bit (look at diyaudio com for help).
  4. kid vic
    Integrated amp user here; I've used or am currently using:
    Akai AM-2650
    Yamaha CA-600
    Kenwood KA-9100
    Citizen JSA-8

    With headphone amps I had a cheap Ebay straight outta china tube amp (like $30) then a really nice Darkvoice 3322.
    I find that a well made (vintage) integrated will sound better than a well made headphone amp for less money and be more versatile.

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