hifiman susvara
  1. eric65

    Moondrop COSMO equipped with the PARA's hybrid earpads, a high-end economical alternative to the Hifiman Susvara.

    Moondrop COSMO equipped with the PARA's hybrid earpads, a high-end economical alternative to the Hifiman Susvara. The COSMO (for Cosmopolitan) is the new flagship planar headphone from Moondrop, the 3rd planar headphones released by the young and dynamic Chinese brand , known above all for its...
  2. HeadAmpTeam

    Susvara Unveiled: Now Available to Pre-Order @ HeadAmp

    Just a few days ago, HIFIMAN announced a new flagship, the Susvara Unveiled, which aims to improve upon the Susvara which has stood the test of time, facing numerous opponents - dynamic, planar, and electrostatic - over the past several years and each time emerging as a worthy contender for...
  3. leylandi

    NEW HIFIMAN Susvara Unveiled!

    MSRP: $8000 Pre-orders will be available soon, with shipments expected to begin around the end of June. “We named the new model SUSVARA UNVEILED because every detail of well-recorded music is unveiled by the headphone’s design and components,” says Dr. Fang Bian, Dr. Fang Bian, Founder...
  4. Alucard1

    Listening in MP3 Store in Wrocław (Poland)

    A visit to the Wrocław mp3 store. Recently, an idea was born to listen to a few high-end models, as this topic has become more and more popular over the past few years and, of course, as usual, I'm behind the times. So the plans were made, a vacation in the calendar, a call to the Wrocław...
  5. Cypherus Audio Black Dragon

    Cypherus Audio Black Dragon

    Black Dragon Earbuds Top of The Line Custom Build to accommodate customer-requested sound signature. 15mm strong neodymium magnet with in-house coil. Cable is special order solid copper thick silver coated with military-grade cryogenic treatment.
  6. MoonAudio

    Best TOTL (Top of the Line), Reference Headphones of 2022 | Moon Audio

    Best TOTL (Top of the Line), Reference Headphones of 2022 | Moon Audio
  7. Aetherhole

    Ferrum Audio ERCO - Headphone DAC/Amp

    I know that there are a few owners of this unit that lurk in the Ferrum OOR thread, but this beauty deserved its own dedicated thread. Since I recently took ownership of an ERCO and HYPSOS, I wanted to share my eagerness by giving Ferrum’s newest product some well-deserved admiration in photo...
  8. MusicTeck

    Complimentary Oriolus Audio Selectors with all Hifiman purchases!

    Order any Hifiman product and receive an Oriolus Audio Selector. We're proud to announce that we're now an authorized dealer for Hifiman! So what exactly is an audio selector and what does it do? Oriolus' audio selector allows its user to compare and contrast DAPS against each other, IEMs...
  9. Benchmark AHB2 - as a Headphone Amp

    Benchmark AHB2 - as a Headphone Amp

    Benchmark AHB2 Power Amp Product page: https://benchmarkmedia.com/products/benchmark-ahb2-power-amplifier by John Siau,chief engineer at Benchmark at DIY audio forum "The THX patents are: 8,004,355 8,421,531 The patented topology uses feed-forward error correction to virtually...
  10. matthewhypolite


    TRANSITION TO SPEAKERS, TUBE MAGIC! INTRODUCTION I've been a headphone listener for the past 2 decades, starting with my very first pair of hifi headphones the Grado SR60. Since then I've crept up the line of absurdly priced gear all the way up to what I consider my end-game headphone stack...
  11. Todd

    Sennheiser IE900 and other great headphones in STOCK at TTVJAudio.com

    HI All, First, we would like to make everyone aware of our price match policy - if you have a quote in writing (email, or from a webpage) and you send it to us we will match or beat the price of any of our competitors. We are here to deliver quality products at competitive pricing and with...
  12. TaronL

    Headphones.com Hifiman Susvara Giveaway

    Every month, Headphones.com does a giveaway on our Youtube channel The HEADPHONE Show. Last month we gave away a Focal Utopia and this month we're going even bigger. We're giving away a Hifiman Susvara! Announcement Video: Contest details and Entry Here Valued at $6,000 USD, this is...
  13. Blaithin

    Hifiman Susvara, He1000se QC question

    New member here. I'm very interested in the hifiman susvara for home use and he1000se for semi-portable use. I have, however, heard that hifiman qc is not very good and there are anecdotes on driver failure and build issues from lurking around their corresponding threads. For a little bit of...
  14. Dipesh

    Ampsandsound Nautalis/ Susvara


    Hifiman Susvara Tour - Reviewers Wanted

    On our recent meetup in Toronto Canada. Lily, representing Hifiman and some attendees expressed their wishes to have a SUSVARA tour. I would like to thank Lily, Hifiman & Attendees for entrusting me in organizing this tour. Nothing is finalized but These are very expensive headphones so we...
  16. Currawong

    They might be Kings - High-end Headphone Shootout

    Original post. Note the links are broken. Focal Utopia and Ether Flow impressions. Sony Z1R Frequency response graph. HiFiMan HE1000 V2 review. Focal Utopia review (Can't find the post with the review) Sony MDR-Z1R Review HiFiMan Susvara Review Meze Empyrean Final D8000 Pro Final D8000...