hifiman susvara
  1. TaronL

    Headphones.com Hifiman Susvara Giveaway

    Every month, Headphones.com does a giveaway on our Youtube channel The HEADPHONE Show. Last month we gave away a Focal Utopia and this month we're going even bigger. We're giving away a Hifiman Susvara! Announcement Video: Contest details and Entry Here Valued at $6,000 USD, this is...
  2. Blaithin

    Hifiman Susvara, He1000se QC question

    New member here. I'm very interested in the hifiman susvara for home use and he1000se for semi-portable use. I have, however, heard that hifiman qc is not very good and there are anecdotes on driver failure and build issues from lurking around their corresponding threads. For a little bit of...
  3. Dipesh

    Ampsandsound Nautalis/ Susvara

  4. radnor


    Hi I am selling my close to new SUSVARA. Worn for less than 3 hours. . Got it in Dec. Wonderful HP but have decided to move to 2 Channel for my listening room NOT HPs. Using Z1R for around home and portable... so SUSVARA is going at a loss as my primary use case for HP is 98% mobile. This is a...
  5. M

    Hifiman Susvara

    Reselling here is a stunning Hifiman Susvara ( retailing at 6000 USD).While it is a new replacement unit ( shipped out of warehouse on 02/28/2020) I don’t want to rate 10 out of 10 for some blemish that is not visible to me. I will gift you with the headphone an extremely rare and discontinued...

    Hifiman Susvara Tour - Reviewers Wanted

    On our recent meetup in Toronto Canada. Lily, representing Hifiman and some attendees expressed their wishes to have a SUSVARA tour. I would like to thank Lily, Hifiman & Attendees for entrusting me in organizing this tour. Nothing is finalized but These are very expensive headphones so we...
  7. Currawong

    They might be Kings: Focal Utopia, Sony MDR-Z1R, HiFiMan Susvara, HE1000 V2, MrSpeakers Ether Flow & Meze Empyrean

    Note: Due to this post having been made prior to the switch from Huddler to XenForo, the links are broken. Original post. Note the links are broken. Significant events: (Links to be added, as the original ones were broken.) Focal Utopia and Ether Flow impressions. Sony Z1R Frequency...