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Sony XBA-N3AP and XBA-N1AP — Impressions thread

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  1. jonathane40
    Thanks! I will be using it with the ZX300 on high gain. How would you compare the sound signature of the Z5 with the N3?
  2. Wiz33
    You won't need high gain on the ZX300 for the Z5. To me. The Z5's bass goes deeper but not as quick as the N3, The mid have more details but vocal maybe a bit colder or recessed according to some and the high have more sparkles. The Z5 also have one of the widest sound stage I've heard on IEMs, very close to traditional cans. Which balance cable will you be using?
  3. jonathane40
    I wasn’t aware that it came with a 2.5mm balanced plug instead of the 4.4mm. So in this case I would have to buy a cable. I haven’t researched balanced cables for the Z5. I’m assuming the balanced cable that came with the 3N won’t fit well given that they are straight and not angled?
  4. Wiz33
    The N3BP cable will work, I use the Sony Kimber cable which does not have the loop and it works fine. You can always invest in a premium cable later on since more and more aftermarket 4.4mm cables are available everyday.
  5. jonathane40
    How is the comfort of the Z5 with a cable that does not have the cable guides? Do you still wrap the cable around your ear?
  6. Wiz33
    I still wear them over the ear as it helps hold the Z5 in place. I was lucky to get the Kimber for $137 when a reseller posted their first shipment using the pricing for the MUC-M12NB1. I also have a Sony MUC-M20BL1 that I re-terminated into a 4.4 pentaconn that I use with my A3. It uses the same cable material as the NB1 and it works very well.
    Last edited: May 29, 2018
  7. audioaudioaudio
    Looking at this tweet, it seems like the price for the N3BP is dropping pretty rapidly at the moment in Japan (see attached)
    [source: https://twitter.com/otikanomiya/status/1002818862998433792 ]


    That's just over £150, I keep checking the price of the N3AP in the UK and it's been a steady £210 - £220, keep hoping we'll see a similar drop. Also keep hoping that Sony would decide to sell the N3BP here but that doesn't look like it'll happen.
  8. Lux_Nagano
    Which tips did you put on there? I've tried the included memory foam tips but the only ones that fit well for me are the medium silicone. My left ear canal is M but my right is between M and L, L being too big to fit, M needs to be put pretty far in to seal.
    Last edited: Jun 4, 2018
  9. FunkeXMix
    I suppose that could be a problem as different sizes produce different sound. Not that I have tried it myself to confirm, just sound logical.
    Anyway, I recommend this tip pack.

  10. Lux_Nagano
    There are so many cables out there and many recommendations here, can someone recommend a replacement cable just like on the XBA-N3AP? The original cable costs over 230€, i bought these IEMs for the same price and i find the cable extremely overpriced.

    The cable should have straight MMCX plugs, no memory wire, be symmetrical, have a 90° jack and an in-line remote. And it should be durable, i don't want to change it every 1 to 3 months.

    What MMCX bluetooth cables can any of you recommend? I'm looking for at least 4h (6 to 8h would be ideal) playback and aptx (it seems that no Bluetooth cable actually has aptx hd).

    Thanks in advance for recommendations.
    Last edited: Jun 4, 2018
  11. Wiz33
    Don't know what's available where you're but Amazon US have quite a few MMCX cables.

    Bluetooth with AptX but some of them are looped, you can probably straighten it out with a hair dryer/




    Shure MMCX cable with control but straight plug

  12. Jephre
  13. Rozhok Taxi
    I owned a pair of N3's. Loved them, except for one important thing, they fell out...
    Suddenly I could not use them for walks, the gym or mostly anything.. So I bought a lot of other "cushions" that was suppose to fit, none did. I bought big ones, small ones, long ones, all kinds of shapes...
    I sold them, I went looking for ultra portables instead. Bought Koss Portapro, Sennheiser Cx100 II and Jays C-Jays... They almost didn't fit in my pocket, sound was...not great. I wanted iems again! What about N1ap? They are lighter and a bit smaller than N3.
    Bought them for 1300 nok. Great sound, but of course, same problem occured.
    Trying to modify them to fit was out of the question. But when desperate, people do desparte things. I used a tape with glue on both sides. Cut out a small piece, and folded it. Then I put one on the inside of the "tube". It is like 10x5mm.
    Now Im back walking, cycling and running! No problem! They are basically stuck in my ear. I change the tape once a week.

    Regards Knut.
    Oslo, Norway.
  14. Lux_Nagano
    Thanks, I actually forgot to mention, I live in Germany, so Amazon US is not an option here but I might find these on the German Amazon or somewhere else since I know what to search for.
  15. Thesonofkrypton
    Hi - does anyone have the N3ap with the NW-A45? Do they play nice together?
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