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Sony XBA-N3AP and XBA-N1AP — Impressions thread

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  1. nevrsumr
    That's how it should be lol. It should be the quality scales with the price or why even spend it. It's good the Andros make your N1's sound like $#%^ after you listen to both haha :)
  2. JustJoseph
    The N1 isn't a single BA set, its a 1+1 hybrid. You are saying it's ridiculous to compare a $1K IEM with a $200 one, but you're doing exactly that, aren't you?

    The andros have better bass in terms of texture, speed, accuracy, separation, and most importantly, they go wayyy lower. Sure, the sonys have more bass quantity, but id take lower extension over quantity any day. To me, I feel the Z5 has an edgier, more energetic sound. I feel that the Andros have much smoother treble than the Z5s.
  3. Lohb
    Your gear upstream ? You can't really get down to DB8 without knowing that...earphones do not just dangle in the air and play themselves and some IEMs transform so much depending on what is behind them based on synergy.
    Surprised how many say X or Y is not good in this area, and don't mention or list their gear in their profile that is behind it...just like in the LCD2c thread recently where someone was griping about treble quality and running them off a MOJO.
    Last edited: Jul 23, 2018
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  4. monsieurfromag3
    So right. To the point where yesterday I was comparing two headphones and when switching sources they literally swapped certain qualities. For instance one was more resolving from a certain source, the other gave less detail, and vice versa.

    Synergy remains strangely underrated in our hobby. Having a good source and good cans or iems is not enough. There's a reason some of the most expensive pieces of head-gear from the likes of Hifiman or Sennheiser include both as an ensemble.
  5. Lohb
    Also, something as daft (but worthwhile) as tip-rolling also changes the emphasis and quality of these quite a lot.

    Dark IEMs with rolled off treble = sponge tips right ?
    Then about 5 different varations of that with different tips I've used ranging from
    solidified and extended bass,
    the treble going down or up,
    treble more ragged,
    treble "just right" - neither too forward or back etc etc in the subjective exp. of tip-rolling.

    So which tips are you using - stock ones...then which ones of those, or spinfits etc etc ?

    Anyway, putting a $1k IEM against an underdog at $200 is really pointless. Price class against price class is more on the point.
    N1/N3 designers went for sheer musicality and immersiveness over across-the-board technical proficiency I'd say.
    Last edited: Jul 23, 2018
  6. Wiz33
    What I'm saying is that you're comparing a high end IEM with an entry level. The difference will obviously be big (and they better be as otherwise the Andro is the biggest hoax in the world). The Z5 at least is a mid/high end IEM and although it's half of the Andro's price. part of that is due to the larger volume production compare to the small volume boutique style production of the Andro.
  7. god-bluff
    $200.. Entry level?!?!

    Bl**dy 'ell. What's the world come to?!!! :jecklinsmile:
    Last edited: Jul 24, 2018
  8. Wiz33
    For a BA set. Yea!
  9. nabeelkhan
    Wonder why the N3 doesn't get any love on head-fi (apart from this thread). Barely see it recommended as an IEM in suggestions threads. However from reviews elsewhere it appears it's quite well priced for a midfi IEM that offers good sound quality. Would this be comparable to a Westone W30 or Periodic Audio Be?
  10. lazner
    I have both the W30 and N3. N3 is to my ears better than W30 in several aspects: comfort (much easier fit), detail retrieval and of course the bass (N3 goes lower and is better defined).
  11. Lohb
    Anyone find any particulary excellent eartips outside the stock tips set ?
  12. jonathane40
    Are you hoping for a different sound with the ear tips or are you looking for other ear tips due to comfort?
  13. Lohb
    SQ first, thanks.
  14. Wiz33
    Spinfit if you have odd angle ear canals. JVS Spiral Dot for their wide sound channel that offers minimal sound coloring. That said, the Sony triple comfort is great and it's Sony's reference for what the N3 should sound, it's just a pain to find replacements (ebay).
    Last edited: Aug 5, 2018
  15. jonathane40
    It depends how you want the tips to change the sound. Deeper insertion tips like the Spin Fit dual flange will give a bit more sub-bass. I tend to like the stock sony triple comfort and the regular SpinFits.
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