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Sony XBA-N3AP and XBA-N1AP — Impressions thread

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  1. cfc7
    I wasn't expected also to such SQ from something like N3..but this doesn't mean I will not have to trust my ears just because its a Sony product.
  2. nevrsumr
    Picked up the JVC fw01's just to scratch an itch. I must say I am having trouble taking them off. They have a much more neutral sound. Mids and vocals are more prominent. Tons of detail. Bass is very even. At first I was thinking there is a mid bass bump but now that I am getting used to them, I think it is more neutral. The N3's have a sub bass bump for sure. The treble is slightly rolled off but the detail is all there. Greater soundstage for sure. I have to give it to the N3s for the airiness and sparkle. The FW01s have it but can't compete with the BA being a DD.

    I would highly recommend anyone with the N3's to get these as something to complement them as a pair of (med-)high end IEMs with a more neutral sound.

    Last edited: Apr 7, 2018
  3. Redcarmoose
    The XBA-Z5 was kind of my gateway IEM to the Sony IEM sound. And while they sound amazing, the ergonomics left me wondering at times. Due to tuning the driver on the Z5 has been turned sideways and lodged closer to the nozzle tip. This set-up means the IEM floats outside the middle of your ear, with these giant overear cables somehow holding everything in place. The only issue is the Z5 cables can have a mind of their own moving the positioned IEM around. So they have a neck slider, and so on............. After weeks addicted to the N3BP I have to say it was a great purchase. Why are they not popular here? Well, you can take a horse to water...............

    In March..........
    So seeing the N3BP come 4.4mm stock and fitted with a better looking build ergonomic, made me wonder how close the sound may get to it’s older brother (the Z5) costing 2X more.

    I can summarize it’s many ways close to the Z5 in sound character though it IS missing so much of the special sauce contained with the Z5 in Pentaconn mode. Have to wonder if a model of the future could get closer to merging the form of the N3BP and sound of the flagship Z5? That said there is also a special value and SQ personally which makes owning the N3BP a no brainer.
    Last edited: Apr 7, 2018
  4. Wiz33
    That's why i use the Z5 at home and the N3 on the go ;-P
  5. Redcarmoose
    Peeerfect! Cheers!
  6. cfc7
    Can someone compare N3 with Xelento?
  7. jonathane40
    Has anyone tried using eq to get the N3 closer to the Harmon / Olive-Welty Target? If so, how could I get close using a 10 and eq on the Sony NW-ZX300?
  8. jkjk123
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  9. jkjk123
    How does the XBA n3 compare if you eq down its bass, bump the mids up, and reduce the 8-10 khz peak? I love the frequency graph of the FW01 (from crinacle) - I feel like it would be my ideal IEM, but I would like something with good isolation, which the n3 provides.

    image.jpg Some more earphones into the collection.
  11. jonathane40
    Has anyone used mmcx cable with cable guides with the N3? I wonder if a cable like the one in the Z5 would work well with the N3.
  12. Raketen
    I've tried a memory wire cable if that counts, didn't work so well for me, but N3 fits more secure & comfortable with my ears in the normal 'down' position. Maybe a more pliant 'guide' would work better than wire.
    Last edited: Apr 16, 2018
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  13. rq1111
    I have been liking N3 which pair with my Opus2 which just bought it recently. They pair well with each other.

    N3 is a worthy iem as today I had tried the UE6 pro. I just have a brief test but I know N3 is a better iem to me. The bass is almost the same for both but the treble is where N3 is better than UE6 pro. The cymbals sounds digital for UE6 pro while the N3 sounds natural for the cymbals. The timber is more accurate in N3 than UE6 pro. That is what I hear. So I appreciate N3 even more now.

    Maybe is the synergy from iem to cable and to source issue as I realise that no iem is best but the matching synergy of the whole chain.

    I have Cowon P1, Opus 1 metal, Opus 2 and fiio x7ii. My iems are JH13v2pro, Custom Art ei.3, UM Martian and Sony N3ap.

    JH13v2pro sounds best match with fiio x7ii dap. Custom Art ei.3 best match is Opus 2 but Opus 1 metal also good. Opus 2 has better resolution than Opus 1 metal so it match well with ei.3. Sony N3 also best match is Opus 2 but also good with Opus 1 metal. Like ei.3, due to Opus 2 has better resolution so N3 is good with Opus 2. UM Martian best match with Cowon P1 but with BBE on. From this experiment, I realised it is the synergy between the chain is important. I have searching for the better iem and dap so have buying and selling many daps and iems but these are the ones I have keep.

    So N3 is one of the best value iem which I find. Very balance in sound in my opinion.
  14. IcedTea
    How come no one told me that IEM like these can actually give good quality sub bass??

    I'm very ignorant in the IEM category, but I'm very impressed by these. I really enjoy them with the ZX-300.

    Would anyone have any comparisons of the Z5 to these?
  15. nevrsumr
    Picked up a new pair. Let me just say these are the perfect upgrade to the N3APs. They have almost an identical sound signature. V shape, crisp highs, smooth mids, plenty of sub bass. Bass is perfect amount. N3's are just a bit too cranked up for me sometimes. What I will say is these are N3's in 3D. They aren't kidding about the sound stage. Wow. There is no competition there. And the airiness is just incredible. This will get some taking used to. Every little sparkle is there. I felt it in the back of my neck at some point if you know the feeling. Very strange sensation. If you want to get to the next level with just about the same sound signature, these are the ones.

    I had the 846s last week and returned them. I didn't like the sound signature of them at all. The highs were noticeably rolled off. The mids were the main focus. I listened to them for hours upon end and never liked it. I'm sure I could have come to appreciate them but I want to hear something come right at me. I put the ie800s on and within 30 seconds I was laughing at how good they were. I will say the 846 had awesome bass everyone talked about but you could tell they had it crossed over very low like a sub woofer. It would come out of nowhere and sound amazing on some songs and be gone on others.

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