Sony X Series Walkman, COWON S9, Apple iPod touch 2G, SanDisk Sansa Fuze Impressions with the Shure E500 / SE530
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i know i know. and you are absolutely right! impressions are not an analysis and your post would be different to mine or anybody elses

if it were me, i would first post up sound curves of each of the players wirh and without phones attatched.

this will give you an idea of various things, but for my purposes i would want to point out

1. roll off
2. stoclk sound curve

that out in the open i would post up my objective impressions which are based on my ears (there may be a point of parity between what i hear anbd what others hear) and i would do so with earphones made for the players In my l opinion shures e5x are not made for those players unless amped.

Thankyou for your review - infact its the only large review thats been up for ages, I appreciate being able to read it
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For fun and fuel for the thread. Although you should never trust anything else except your ears. Sorry for the huge pic.


AFAIK, max volume, all EQ off, line-in signal was used for measurement. Note the scales used. 0.25 dB difference is about 5% of the original signal. Roll-off is not as significant as it seems.
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Audio is highly subjective and we all have perceive sound differently based on our unique ear shapes, canals, sonic preferences, music genres, etc. My goal was to present a balanced view and share the experience so others can learn and take whatever may be of value in their own quests for audio nirvana.

@ insomniax

Thanks for posting the FR chart. Interesting to see the recessed upper mids on the X. BTW, have you listened to the CK100 directly out of the S9 jack? How does it compare with the UM3X?
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It wouldn't be what i would consider recessed mids-high. Its just very slight coloration by design. If it were recessed, then i could say that the s9 has treble rolloff. But if you look at the scale, its just 0.4-0.5dB of difference. So not really as bad as it looks.

i heard the CK100s before my s9 came in from korea, so i don't have an idea how the 2 would pair up. Maybe i will get the chance to listen to it if i have the chance.

However i did listen to both through the SPL Phonitor, and the CK100s seems to be slightly better on the treble section. I like the UM3X midrange and vocals more but this part is simply preference. The CK100s seems to be slightly lower priced as well compared to UM3X, barring discounts/promotions.
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cool! those graphs are unloaded i guess - > without headphones attatched.

you will find a big difference with 16ohm 32ohm and 52 ohm phones with each player
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I hear you. It's a nominal amount. On the IEMs, I'm leaning towards the C710 as an alternate pairing with the S9. The CK10 and CK100 look interesting though I'll probably go with a dynamic.
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I want to buy a new DAP but right now I'm divided between x1000 and Cowon S9.

At the beginning I was thinking on x1000 as the perfect partner to my ie7 but then I started to read reviews about S9 and finally I saw this thread.

So right now I'm completed lost, for now my wallet is balancing to S9 (I think).

One thing I like in Cowon are the updates, as we know Sony doesn't like to release updates. And I think that x1000 have some flaws which could be fixed with a new firmware update.

To complete my post I want to leave a question, what do you think about the synergy between ie7 and S9/x1000?
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@ techfreakazoid

You should look at the newly released Samsung M1's too. Built on Tegra to compete with Zune HD's. You could call it a P3 with an OLED screen
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I've never heard the IE7 so can't comment on its synergy with the X or S9. Other Head-Fi'ers may chime in.


Apparently, NVIDIA has a number of Tegra design wins so we'll see more pmps, MIDs, smartphones, netbooks. Tegra is great for video and computational horsepower for mobile devices. As for audio implementation, the verdict is still out how the next crop of pmps from MS, Sammy, and Creative will fare.


2.6" screen is too small for a pmp. I feel 3.3" is the sweet spot between portability and usability for video snacking.
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Samsung is a good choice for a couple of reasons

one being that they are about to bring out an umbrella content store coveing tv's,mp3's, notebooks, phones, camera's

thats right i did say camera's.

thats not all, content games for tv will be interchangeable on mobile etc
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Same can be said of Sony with their CE portfolio plus their music, movie, and game libraries. Looking forward to the next version of the X...Y Series?


Thought you already sent it back. If 30 odd gigs is insufficient, wait a few weeks to see if a 64GB touch is available. HDD storage on portable devices is on the way out--load times, mechanical moving parts, battery life, etc.
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Does BBE VIVA avaliable on D2+ and is it(D2+) offer true line out quality on vol 49?.

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