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SONY NWZ-A10 Series

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by leylandi, Jul 27, 2014.
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  1. Mickice
    Sorry :)

    I have the:
    Pioneer SE-A1000
    Fostex T50rp

    Nothing too hard to push. All sound fine in their own way.
  2. sardar17
    Well almost everyone agrees here that amps actually improve sq to some extent at least for some hard to drive iem's too like havi.
    So sony should really consider a portable amp like i suggested or add a better one in their higher end offerings
  3. Mickice
    Amp improve things considerably, they have a portable amp with the PHA series, no point on having a weak mid-jump from the internal one.

    PHA-1 + This is my main setup anyway.
  4. sardar17

    U are right but pha-1 is not exactly portable which is the point.
    The smaller e06 may not make any difference but at least amps up the signal for mere 30$,,,,if the dac in a17 is already good then a perfectly flat amp of that size should be a great addition.
    For serious listening u can use pha at home
  5. audionewbi
    An update on this just got the WMC NWC10 and it does not work. I know it was not going to but tried.
    Using the WMC-NWH10 (the cable designed for digital out) I can get a connection for 24/192 files with my chord hugo but sadly no luck with Denon DA-01.
    Denon DA-10 pairs with ipod touch 5G using cck so yea.
  6. Jackson 6
    I've got the XBA-1- improved with time- and the ZX 700 too! How does the 700 sound through it? I'm thinking of getting the 1A too.
  7. zilch0md

    Are you saying that the WMC-NWC10 failed to charge a smartphone or did you try to use it for some other purpose?

    WMC-NWC10 (Walkman battery emergency charging of a smartphone)

    Do you know if the Denon DA-01 expects to get 5VDC power from a USB port in addition to data?

    WMC-NWH10 (WM-Port digital out to USB A female - for connection to a DAC's USB input)


  8. audionewbi
    The NW10 does charge the device but I was hoping to use it as walkman to microUSB data connection but obviously the song people are smarter than that.
    The Denon DA-10 has an internal battery that powers the device. I can use it when paired with apple camera kit connection so I assumed it will work with A15. What is strange is that A15 does work with HUGO which is a relief. 
  9. TripBitShooter

    I asked Sony about the DAC, and they said they could not reveal what it was, which basically should mean it is a Sony in house made DAC.
  10. castleofargh Contributor
    yeah the C10 was 100% sure not to work for digital out.
    the H10 however, if it works with the hugo it's good news still. with the denon, did you use it from a pc or an android phone/tablet using that plug? they look a lot apple oriented.
    could also be as suggested a power problem(the DAC being USB powered, or simply asking for the 5V to detect a source). I doubt the sony is giving a lot of juice. of course that doesn't help at all for a portable solution as you would have to add a beefy battery pack to the band with a hub(and it's not even 100% sure to work).
    I didn't get the cable because my DAC/amp's battery gets cut in half when I use the DAC, and once more I'll give up anything in the name of more battery life. so for analog out it is.
  11. Retrias
    wasnt this always the case? that sony player mostly use sonys inhouse dev dac
  12. audionewbi
    I think it just needs that 5V to make a successful handshake between the devices. I am just happy it pairs with HUGO as 24/192 optical out via Ak120 still fails to work. I am happy to get a 128 GB microSD and I am set, shame I cannot get it to work with Denon DA-10 which is a great sounding device.
  13. audionewbi
    But it works with HUGO, that means the HUGO designer did their job right. 
  14. castleofargh Contributor

    sure it is, they use one chip to do a bunch of things (it's written in big on any sony DAP adds btw) so that they don't need a real amp section. anyway the result is indeed different from your usual dac-amp job on DAPs. that's what we've been complaining about for some times with Sardar. because we feel like they fight the wrong battle and could get a much better DAP with even a poor op-amp implementation instead of all that digital amp bullsh...
    at least that way we get great battery so I'm ok with that in the end for portable. sardar is really not ok with it ^_^.
    but you would do well not to fall for the DAC chip's name fever. anything in the way a chip is implemented will change the signal a lot more than using 2 chips with the ideal implementation for both. the house sound thing is a legend coming from implementation difficulties the DAP manufacturers didn't even try to overcome. when done well DAC chips are all able to be perfectly transparent. and I'm talking even about some several years old chipsets.
    the amp section of a DAP on the other hand is almost always crap, because of the component used or because the DAP can't provide the juice with its small battery. in both situations it's often a quality sacrifice to gain space for a small form factor(and why something like a hugo or a X5 have no problem fitting whatever is needed, because they're huge). that's why there is often a good margin for improvement using a not too shabby portable amp. using a line out we're not making the sound better, we're decrapifying it ^_^.
    still with something like my MC5 IEMs, it makes zero audible difference if I add my amp to it, so the sound is clean enough, it will just not be powerful enough(voltage or current) for some headphones and IEMS. with my jh13 I get a clear difference with the amp, but that's also probably due to impedance output differences. another problem for particular IEMs.
    so again know what your headphone needs is the very first step.
  15. Ojsinnerz
    For anyone that's interested, these are now up at the Canadian Sony store for pre-order.

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