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SONY NWZ-A10 Series

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by leylandi, Jul 27, 2014.
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  1. leylandi

    source : walkmanblog.
  2. Spadge

    Where does the 'A' series fit in the Sony lineup? Are they a flagship player (ie, likely to tempt me from my ZX1?)

  3. heatofamatch
    First of all, the ZX1 is like the X1000, they sit above all this other hierarchy as special one-off anniversary models. But you may very well be seduced by a non-flagship product, who knows [​IMG]
    We don't know where this product might sit, because
    1. sony changes the definition every few years and have often been ambiguous anyway
    2. Today's F880 is already sitting where the A used to in the lineup
    3. From the A15/16/17, you can see that Sony's rebooting their naming convention.
    Sony's not going to put two products in the same price range with the DAP market all shrivelled up. So it either replaces the S-series with the same package but better amp (I've seen a lot of folks ask for this over the years), or Sony's going to drop android from the product that replaces the F880.
    Also - rather shockingly - Sony's preparing this product for the US/Canada, which has had next to no walkman presence the last few years. So I'm guessing Sony must think they've figured out a way to sell a non-networking DAP to the crowd who thinks $199 should get you an iphone (and are too dumb to realize phone bills also count). What kind of product could make them think that? The plot thickens.[​IMG]
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    I can never understand this region code but is the US in there somewhere?
    Micro SD is a huge bonus but I hope it will not be restricted to just a 32 GB limit. Knowing the restrictions they put out who knows what surprise we'll be in!
    A865 Walkman was a small beautiful piece of technology without android and wifi, so battery lasts long without the need of charging.
    Wish they release something like that.
  5. heatofamatch
    I'm guessing the Region U/CA stands for US/Canada, the version with an FCC logo. I don't expect to see region-specific features other than the EU volume limit. (unless this product can get online, then we might see US-specific stuff like the X1000 got Slacker at one point)
    The illustration shows the rear casing of the walkman and will look very familiar to anyone who's seen any S-series or the A840/850. Using its reset hole, WM-port and headphone jack "cutouts" at the bottom for scale, you can kinda estimate its size... it's at least as wide as the S, and no wider than the A840.
  6. Ascariss
    Hey guys, already made the post 2 weeks ago :)
    probably best to just merge the threads.
  7. heatofamatch
    I know...But I thought only you can point that out...it's not polite if I do it [​IMG]
    Thanks for the info by the way, personally I don't care about the A10, but I'm really excited about the WS.
  8. gerelmx1986
    Wow i can't believe sony is finally releasing a walkman with Micro SD... they took too much time to support FLAC..., I won't be buying it, i'm happy with my FiiO x3, yes i used to have walkmans in the past NW-E507 (sonicstage) NWZ-A818 (IMO the best one to date, in termns of build qyuality, and UI-button layout), NWZ-X1060
    X1060 was Sony first touchscreen dap. A great product which came with so many accessories. The build is made to last. I love this player since it doesn't have any apps that take up so much space in today's daps.
  10. gerelmx1986

    Haha mine died when i was running (jogging) and i tripped on a improperly disposed baby diapers and well it was flying and landed in a rock, hitting the right corner, where the Jack is and it turned on breifly but it died son afterwards, all the back was shattered and the touch screen too
  11. heatofamatch
    Now that's a death fit for a flagship! [​IMG] 
  12. gerelmx1986

    haha yes :p, my A818 was stolen at the uni library lol [​IMG] was my fault
  13. WalkingMan56
    Looks good.
    I'm guessing the Japanese models will play ATRAC files but will have a Japanese-only interface?
  14. xjaynine
    Found a proper product shot of the Walkman A10 with the rest of the new portable products on the Sony China teaser site:
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