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Sony NW-ZX300

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by riotgrrl, Jul 10, 2017.
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  1. JerryHead
    As an SE846 owner, how am I going to like the N3? Not quite as good in a few different areas I imagine?
  2. Magnepan Man
    I’ll look into it and do that test, but my ears are telling me that the Mac book is correct. It’s playing the music in the key I’ve known the songs to be in my whole life. Lol.

    Also, some most tracks are not matching up duration time wise between my iPhone vs. the ZX300. They are always off by a second For example the iPhone will say the song is 5:00. The zx will say 4:59. They are both loaded with the same files. So I’m not sure what that’s about.
  3. Evshrug
    Well, that could be that the iPhone rounded up the time and the ZX rounded down... or it literally could be a bit sped up, thus raising the pitch. Does the ZX sound higher or lower key than your MacBook/iphone?
  4. Magnepan Man
    The zx sounds higher in key. Wondering if it’s growing pins during the break in process? I’m at 70 hours. Could it Maybe something in the clock circuit stabilizing for the DAC? Just throwing ideas. Totally brainstorming here
  5. superuser1
    How do you find this adapter? I found other cheaper 4.4mm adapters cleaner.
  6. Maru-san
    What kind of files does this happen with. I tried it with several flac files of songs I really know and there is no difference at all.
  7. abitdeef

    I don't notice that with mine, no sorry. Have you tried a third source? I ask because maybe it's your PC that's off.
  8. quodjo105
    The ibasso adapter sounds clean to me. I haven't tried other adapters yet so can't tell which is better
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  9. Magnepan Man
    MP3 files. Again, it’s not a night and day difference. It’s literally something that many people, I feel would not notice, but it bothers me. I don’t think there is anything defective per se with the unit. I listened back to back from my computer and the zx and heard the difference in pitch. I also found a music video on YouTube and played both and the iTunes file played on the Mac matched the pitch of the video I was streaming.
  10. Maru-san
    Can you reproduce this with a FLAC file? Difference in time and MP3s can be possible if they are VBR. I guess the ZX300 just reads out the metadata in this case while other players might analyze the track itself. That said this should not change the pitch in any way.
  11. Magnepan Man
    Yeah, the computer is definitely playing it in the correct key. It’s matching my CD player. The zx is definitely slightly higher in key. It’s easy to know the correct pitch, Especially if you’ve heard a song a thousand times or grew up on it and have it literally recorded in your brain. I mean, it’s not a deal breaker for me, and I’ll probably get used to it but I just wish I knew what was causing this phenomenon. I tried everything. Downloading onto the internal memory, computing files to SD directly instead of having the SD get written to in the zx-300,

    I read a thread about people complaining of a similar pitch issue on Spotify, And how it would sometimes Slightly raise if the computer would go to sleep, and a reset would fix it. Not the case here. .....They too said it’s hardly noticeable, but indeed noticable. This difference won’t come out and punch you in the face, it subtle. Lol. Just wish I wasn’t so sensitive to it and could just sit back and enjoy the music instead of agonizing about it not being “pitch perfect”.
  12. Magnepan Man
    I can’t make flac files with iTunes on my Mac, but i would assume I could just as well experiment with a wav file. That should be a bit perfect copy of the track. Then I could see if it is indeed something with the MP3. My mp3’s are for the most part 330 non vbr.
  13. slinkyjynx
    Get the ones from amazon and then just buy a balanced cable? Any MMCX cable should work :)
  14. Hanafuda
    Sorry but that's just subjective perception on your part, not repeatable data. Until you compare playback durations on the same file using different devices and with an independent timer, you're just discussing your opinion.

    Edit: and I don't mean to be a jerk saying that, I'm trying to help. If nobody else here has that issue and you can prove you do with results, then you have something to tell Sony if you make a warranty claim.
    Last edited: Mar 20, 2018
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  15. defn
    After a few days of pairing the N3BP with the ZX300, I can safely say that I’ve finally found THE pair of commuting IEMs. They have almost zero cable noise, stick in the ear really comfortably, are really easy to fit with the triple comforts and isolate bus and MTR noise really well.

    Most importantly they sound consistently great without having to make frequent adjustments.

    Cannot be beat for ~US$285!
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