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Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by leylandi, Nov 16, 2014.
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  1. Richter Di
    For me the TRRS makes a huge difference, especially with my Mitchel & Johnson MJ2 headphones. While they sound okay with the unbalanced cable, they sound a class better when going for the Sony NW-ZX2 TRRS.
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  2. kms108
    I agree, I have my MDR-EX1000 with a TRRS cable, it's a new experiences.
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  3. Uri Cohen
    Hey guys,

    I'm picking up an used ZX2, but I elected not to have the version of Tidal on the unit (I just want to focus on local files). If I want to add the older version of Tidal for myself in the future (and maybe Qobuz but slow), what are the APK file versions that I need for both of them?

    Also I do have an UAAP License, but what older version of UAAP will run on the ZX2? I know I'll have to hunt down the APK file. Thanks.
  4. mano800
    I'm in the market for a Sony NW-ZX2. For those of you who already own one, would I be able to download apps like Tidal/Qobuz and stream MQA music offline by downloading them for later use while only using the respective apps' subscription services?
  5. Isloo
    I have the older version of UAAP it works fine. I think I had to go back a couple of versions to find the one that worked.
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  6. surfgeorge
    I have bought a ZX2 after reading that it supports Tidal - but could not find a way to install the Tidal app as it says that it's incompatible with the device (older Android version)
    Is there a way to still run the Tidal app on the ZX2?
  7. kms108
    You have to use the old version of Tidel, side upload and not through play store, if you search back it has been mentioned.
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  8. zolkis
    Open a browser on the ZX2 and search on "Tidal 1.16.0", or open this link.
    Download and install the apk on the ZX2.
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  9. surfgeorge
    Awesome! Thanks, I will try when I get home!
  10. Richter Di
    I can only tell my experiences with Qobuz and this is really bad. Sound quality of the Sony NW-ZX2 is stellar, but the process power is too low for streaming etc. I have now in addition a Fiio M9.
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  11. surfgeorge
    Thanks! It worked! Now I can finally evaluate and compare against my Mojo...
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  12. SoLame
    You can go up to version 2.2.5 with the ZX2. That's what I am using. No 'Master Quality' and a bit slow for streaming. However, it works fine for off-line mode.
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  13. cattlethief
    Picked up a ZX2 at a decent price downloaded tidal 1.8.7 and it works very well no lag and sounds great.
    The best thing apart from the SQ is the DLNA function which is very fast and seamless with all the servers I use, even better than the Hiby R6 and AK 240.
    Even though the android is fairly old as long as you limit your apps it is still a fantastic player.
  14. streamline
    Is anyone using a version of TIDAL that has the download button on the My Collection => Tracks list? If so, could you post the version number? The workaround is to create a playlist from the queue and then download the playlist, but direct support would be preferred.
  15. TooFrank
    I’ve been cautious updating. FWIW just checked that I have Tidal version and apparently it works fine.....And I still love my ZX2 :o2smile:
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