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Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by leylandi, Nov 16, 2014.
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  1. Whitigir

    You really thing the dpx1 has the upper hand over the Zx2 ? :D
  2. Caruryn
    In sound possibly but if the loose  headfone socket fails in a year  or so like you estimated it's a no go.
  3. proedros
    daps are like a marriage - the neighbour's wife may be prettier , but if she cooks ****ty and files for divorce in 6 months , it's not worth [​IMG]
    zx2 may not be the prettiest-sounding , but at least you won't be looking for a divorcelawer soon [​IMG]
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  4. Whitigir

    Lol...no ways...Zx2 gets better the more you know her....this DP-x1 gets uglier the more time I spend with her now.
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  5. audioxxx

    I have a feeling because the ZX2 control all the audio hardware through not using 3rd party chipsets, the unit can address the data and control it.

    Where the dpx1 can not and relies on a 3rd party DAC, and will be at the mercy of software development, and the inclusiveness of drivers being included that know how to address the hardware.(this may or may not happen).

    For example we have waited months and months for Poweramp Alpha to come to light up the ZX2, (which addressed the hardware properly).
    This may take years for onkyo to get right, if even possible. (Maybe the app's might include the access to the DAC's, that uses dual sabre DAC proprietary addressing and control).

    I wouldn't hold my breath waiting for the working release.:dizzy_face:

    The plugs won't last that long buddy.:smiling_imp:
  6. Whitigir
    Lol...man..the plug is real...that in-secured feeling...the feeling like when you are having a girlfriend that you feel so uh-secure with because whenever she date and hang out with you, you would always see her having attentions to guys around you and constantly trying to act attractive to pull their attentions and such :D roflmao

    Ok, back to this balanced jack feeling. Whenever I plug/unplug it, I feel like I could yank it broken any time period.

    It is also very true. I think it is by nature of their design

    Zx2 is pure class D and almost as direct as direct digital get
    X1 is with the most complicated DAC setup for android OS ...dual DAC, and dual op-amp...actively control grounds on balanced out.

    Android OS already had it share of the implementation of external DAC and not the integrated SOHC DAC....the popular example would be Snapdragon and it own integrated SD-dac (which sounds like ****)...excuse me...then LG-V10 came in, V10 has 1 sabre ESS DAC, but also on the same time having this integrated snapdragon DAC as well....the result = 3rd party app sucked with it, and not working right. There was an XDA guy that developed a program for the V10 to always access the ESS DAC
  7. Caruryn
    For the time being can you test it with trrs without any app and tell us how it sounds?I won't be able to sleep at night otherwise [​IMG]
  8. rookie2009
    Putting the sound quality aside,one thing we can say about our ZX2 is shes built like a tank... I'm a bit weird about these issues but when you lay down a serious amount of your hard earned on a dap like the Onkyo unit,it should be perfect and free from any hardware issues at the very minimum...
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  9. Whitigir
    Ok...I fixed the socket issue lol...n9w I feel more secure to listen to her and see how she sounds like
  10. PoRidge

    level up!! you have achieved master level of crafting.
  11. Whitigir

    Thank you! I am just only a little bit creative and very handy on DIY projects :D. Here is the video demonstrates the plays on the 3.5 and the fixed on the 2.5

  12. Natronious
    Anyone have an idea for how, when using Poweramp Alpha, to not have downloaded podcasts from randomly playing when 'shuffling all songs'? I'm pretty happy with the sound of the stock player with my 'primary' iems, but I really like how the Poweramp player makes my ie800s sound. Just not digging having podcasts randomly showing up...
    I've never encountered this issue with the stock player.
  13. Natronious
    Just figured out that 'eq' adjustments with Poweramp Alpha work with the digital out when feeding Mojo. Never much engaged with eq, but I could see this being of value for some. On the other hand, it looks like higher bit rate signals are downsampled when using the Poweramp Alpha player sending a digital out signal...
    Not really sold on ZX2 as transport in the first place, though, as the battery life is diminished to the extent that it makes it kind of a 'non starter'. It would also help if there were a more ergonomic option with regards to connectors for the WM-port. The line out connector is 'somewhat bad', but the connector to send a digital signal is worse (sticks out further) rendering quite a cumbersome setup.
    I like the Sony on its own quite a bit, but being curious, and just prior to dialing in my iem of choice to pair with it, UERR, I picked up a Mojo, looking for 'the sound'. I'm thinking to pick up a good 'transport player', but haven't settled on one yet...
  14. Whitigir
    What do you mean podcast ? Like some type of advertisements ?

    To those who are curious about how DP-x1 sounds from my primary impressions ? It is on the same level of Zx2, but with different sound signature, and I do think both of them are fantastic quality.

    Dp-X1 is wider and more expansive soundstage, same spherical stage as Zx2, and very 3D dimensional as well. Tonality is less thick, however bass is more articulated, faster, still just as deep. More neutral, flat, detailed, sparkling trebles and of great energies+ Trebles resolutions. However string instruments are not as organic or realistic as Zx2

    Zx2 is slightly narrower in soundstage and expansive, spherical staging, very 3D dimensional and is probably a little better than Dp-x1 but that is pushing it...it is not noticable. Tonality is thicker, bass lover will love it here, still articulated, but thicker and brings in more impacts and feelings than DP-x1, warmer, more musical over-all compare to DP-x1. String instruments is very organic and is very realistic. It gets realistic in drums, and strings, and DP-x1 gets more realistic on Brass and trebles hits lol....

    I am generally very picky at soundstage, and Mojo while offering the same musicality, fun, more organic in drum and brass than DP-x1, it had a weirder soundstage and it was the main point where I turned it down vs Zx2. However, soundstage in DP-x1 is even better than Zx2 in TRRS connections.

    So...what is your taste ? Realism on Drum+guitars, violin ? Musicality and flows ? Zx2....or you want more articulated bass, still very deep dive, articulated, but more realism on cymbals, metallic housing drum sets, hit-hat, splashy trebles and details ?

    I can't even say which is better than which lol....

    This is only first impressions, I need more time for DP-x1 review and comparison to Zx2 later.
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  15. Natronious
    Podcasts, as in, a recorded 'monologue' or 'conversation'. I use an app called 'Podcast Addict', which I use to download these 'podcasts'. Obviously, I could delete this app, and reserve the ZX2 for music only, but I enjoy using just the one device, especially when engaging with my primary use with 'portable audio', which is when I'm going on some type of excursion, in some cases out for 'many' hours. In these instances, I enjoy listening to music, then mixing it up with other media, such as an audiobook, or a podcast. For the most part, spoken word media doesn't benefit any hearing them through the ZX2 vs. anything else (phone) but I appreciate the convenience.
    Many times a podcast is a type of interview, where a host has some particular figure of interest (think Wim Hof). In my case, hours deep on some trip deep into the wilds, my mind enjoys a break from music, and I am invigorated by some 'engaging' dialogue of some sorts. Sometimes, of course, I even take the headphones out(!).
    With regards to Poweramp Alpha, I figured out that the shuffle option has these options; All, Songs, Lists, Songs/Lists. I noticed there were different symbols in regards to shuffle, but learned how you need to press the shuffle symbol for longer to see the breakdown/explanation for what the different ones mean. It makes sense that the 'Songs' shuffle option will solve this issue. I'll post if that does the trick...
    Update: Nope. Selecting the shuffle option for all songs doesn't work. Not a huge deal, but I'd like to figure it out. For some reason, this player sees everything as 'fair game'.
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