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Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by leylandi, Nov 16, 2014.
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  1. Caruryn
    Just maxed out all sliders,connected ie800,no hint of distortion,it is indeed a few db louder,just found my new custom profile [​IMG].
    Just switched between custom and off it's more than a few db actually,like having 4-5 additional vol steps.Haven't noticed a change in frequency,or tone.
  2. Wilderness
    Thanks for the tip.  I agree that this ups the volume with no distortion or EQ changes.
    This technique is a better option than disabling the sound enhancement, which resets after restart.
    This seems to solve the ZX2's volume issue, at least for some of us.  I tried this with my headphones, and noticed a big jump in volume.  Can't wait to try this in my car.
  3. cattlethief
    This also works for the Pioneer and was suggested by Pioneer themselves after I emailed them,no distortion and now I can drive all my headphones,just shows they could probably up the volume in a future software upgrade.
  4. Sam Edwards
    I just got around to checking out the ZX2 with the TH900. I have to say that you're really up against the max volume with these cans. Won't do it with rips that are recorded on the conservative side. But the clarity is pretty good with the volume near max. It's a combo that would certainly do in a pinch. Adding the Mojo to the chain gives a bit more authority for larger cans, even when they're fairly easy to drive. 
    Of course this doesn't dampen my enthusiasm for this device, which was purchased for use with IEM's on the go. At over 200 hours it's really starting to sing. Thanks again for all of your hearty recommendations. I can't wait for my balanced cables! 
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  5. proedros
    my concern also

    do we raise just 5 points in the freq range , that way ? or the full range ?

    anyway i may try it , but i will wait for @Whitigir to chime in with his impressions - being the sonic mad hat of the zx2 forum [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
  6. Whitigir

    You need th900 with cables upgraded to ZX2 TRRS for the best of this combo. It is heaven! There is nothing like "doing in a pinch" about this combo. If you use stock cables and adapter....you wouldn't get the best of it. TRRS on zx2 is "what I wouldn't go without...let's say" I can't stand th900 out of RXV-477. I know it is not a proper headphones amp. But it is not a weakling :cool:.

    Sound adjustment with maxed out volume is "excellent" :D. I tried it with all 5 maxed out, no clear-bass. Tried on tracks that I know well enough to analyze.

    1/ more volumes
    2/ no distortions
    3/ All trebles details and extensions are vivid and clean! More battery drainage, which is a good sign :wink:.
    4/ works well with Gonemad and Onkyo
    Now, even with clear-bass maxed out, I couldn't even hear any distortions. Sound-signature changed ofcourse, battery drainage happens. But it works flawlessly :D

    Then I proceeded to disable the sound adjustment, it immediately raised the volume.

    *cheer* one more discovery that is too well-done :) and most important.

    After all, it will come down to preferences and what you personally love the most. Happy hearing :)

    I personally prefer sound adjustment off and Onkyo or gone mad for player app
  7. proedros
    so if you turn eq all up , then disable the sound app , you get two times a volume bump ?
    correct ?
  8. Caruryn
    Ι think we already concluded that disabling the sound app does not raise the overall volume output after 60%,the benefit is you  don't get the annoying notification to turn down vol in eu version.
    On another note doesn't the ZX2 accept a 200gb micro sd(it will be something like 183gb real or so) because this https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CJMPwjW2lSI  review says otherwise.
    Btw Fiio X5 ist schiiit  LOL!
  9. kingdixon
    200gb working fine for me,
    although i didn't watch the video, so i don't know whats his problem, if it is about reading it or not, then nah its working fine ..
    if another kind of problem like missing songs or something like this, may be i didn't notice !
  10. Whitigir

    Nope! It does raise volume to be louder, but the max volume would stop around 60%, which is the same as 100% with all EQ maxed out. I prefer disabling the SA app because it has better nuances extensions, resolutions and details which I love once I found it.
  11. proedros
    now i am confused [​IMG]
    anyway ,you still prefer disabling the soundapp right ?
  12. gerelmx1986
    For me too working fine on the old-school sony OS ZX100. Real usable capacity: 183.3GB
  13. Whitigir

    That is correct sir :)
  14. nc8000 Contributor

    Another happy 200GB card user here. No problems at all
  15. nc8000 Contributor
    Just read the review of ZX2 in UK HiFiChoice magazine. A generally positive review but I do find one comment funny: "The huge reserve of power from the headphone socket to drive hard to drive headphones without breaking sweat"
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