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Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by leylandi, Jul 30, 2016.
  1. Whitigir
    I just need a link to download the last firmware lol. Also, I am pretty clumsy with software x_X
  2. phonomat
    That does indeed look pretty much perfect.

    Edit: Unfortunately, it's unreasonably expensive. I mean, it's just a case, right? For that price, you'd think it came with some gear included, lol.
    Last edited: Oct 25, 2019
  3. blazinblazin
    I was initially thinking of changing back to 3.01

    But the details is not as clear as in 3.02.
    You can hear a bit better on 3.02 but the tonality need to get used to. Volume might need to lower, as higher volume gave me too much punch for my DD iem. Haha.

    Every firmware there will be some songs that is not suitable for the sound of the firmware.

    I changed cables over time... pure copper to SPC to silver/gold. Every type had it's own range.
  4. Whitigir
    I rather rollback firmware than changing our cables....especially those 3-5k cables kinds
  5. nc8000 Contributor
    Well it is a handcrafted semi luxury item. Just imagine the price if it came from Louis Vuitton
  6. Redcarmoose
    And of course there are those who think when we talk this way we appear crazy. This talk of cables and small firmware upgrades. The other progress is to be able to finish up. Maybe we never finish, but to be able to somehow get an arrangement where we can play every genre, every recording and be at peace. I sincerely hope that’s what this quest is about. To retire from Head-Fi.......to win the game. I don’t think our goal is wondering in this self-constructed purgatory of disenfranchisement?

    We are designed to forget about the equipment and study music. Peace is when the curiosities fall away. Peace is when all is well. I hope to be able to forget about new stuff and what it offers, or the potential it offers.
    Last edited: Oct 25, 2019
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  7. Whitigir
    I am gonna tell you this....there is always someone thinking that you are crazy regardless of what you do ...lol
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  8. flyer1
    Last edited: Oct 25, 2019
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  9. mwhals
    Does anyone know if the WM1A or WM1Z sound similar to the HAP-1ZES? I have the HAP-1ZES in my stereo rack and like the sound of its dac.
  10. boblauer
    Do not know for certain but would assume slight nuances of differences due to Sony not using off the shelf DAC's but FPGA's and assuming they code each for the hardware involved hence the differences in WM1A/WM1Z/etc.. Maybe someone here has both players?
  11. Holdmyown83
    So I’m having the weird issue trying to use the DAC mode on my MacBook and it seems like it will connect and immediately keep disconnecting and it will keep doing it over and over. Anyone have issues like this?
  12. gerelmx1986
    why hasnt sony updated the HAP-S1 and HAP-1ZES? They seem.not to support DSD 256
  13. furankenshutein
    I already have a benks TPU case for my WM1A but would like to have another one (leather or not) with a belt clip that I can use when outside (commuting, etc.). Do you have any suggestions other than Vannuys VD493/VD860?
  14. LinstantX
    As an option, you can consider this option: soft, genuine leather, small size and the necessary compartments. https://ru.aliexpress.com/item/3284...&terminal_id=0b89796eb69d4e619fdb3a61d97cb3ea
  15. TSAVJason
    tell me about it brother! Hahahahaha
    Last edited: Oct 28, 2019
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