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Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by leylandi, Jul 30, 2016.
  1. Jalo
    Hahahah, Jason there is a difference between just someone thinking you are crazy or everyone is:grinning:
  2. Whitigir
    That can only mean that everyone is crazy and you are normal :)
  3. Jalo
    There you go, Whitigir, nothing beats a delusional belief, it is so important to our psyche, our defense system, and the survival of the fittest. You seem to have a deep understanding of the implication of its application :grin::wink:
  4. TSAVJason
    Wow! Ethereally speaking of course :L3000:
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  5. furankenshutein
  6. LeFaucon
    Got one : medium size :L3000:
  7. Nostoi
    I wonder if anyone has this particular issue - I have a couple of portable tube amps for my WM1A - the Alo Continental V5, the Oriolus BA300S, and a while back the Fostex HP-V1. On all of them, there is a lot of noise - i.e., actual fizzy distortion - when playing native DSD files. Never happens on solid state amps, just on tube. I don't think it's anything to do with the amps themselves, given that they're all fairly quiet - the V5 especially is almost totally "black." It seems to be some kind of weird bug with DSD only (all my other files are Flac and Wav, no issues there). Anyone else had this issue? It's especially notable on classical DSD files.
  8. gerelmx1986
    exct same issue in SE to 3.5mm to RCA connected to a small mixing console that controls a surround sound system. Every time i play a DSD file hear this fizzy distortion, doesnt happen with FLAC
    Last edited: Oct 29, 2019
  9. Maxx134
    Sounds like a possible grounding issue..
    Have you tried balanced output?
  10. Whitigir
    RCA is Single ended and not balanced


    using single ended or rca is Ofcourse going to...damage your S-Master digital chip inside
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  11. rtjoa
    Have you tried this connection for your WM1A?
    (Taken from MusicTeck Oriolus Page https://shop.musicteck.com/products/oriolus-ba300?_pos=3&_sid=75f68194c&_ss=r&variant=18499200876606) Mass Kobo 424 and 428 amps have similar instructions.

    Why 3.5mm GND plug?
    Some of our Japanese users told us that for connecting BA300s with 4.4mm phone

    out port only will let some tiny noise go into the earphone. Some users can hear it and some can not.

    GND is not valid on almost of the DAPs with 4.4mm phone out port(only L+ L- R+ R-), so that we cannot make BA300s and those DAPs have the same voltage potential of GND directly. The tiny noise is hard to avoid. So that we make a new cable which can get the GND from the 3.5mm phone out port of those DAPs. And it works.

    If using Sony's DAP, please connect the 3.5mm plug to you player first and then connect the 4.4mm plug because of the automatic balanced mode switch system of SONY if you use both 4.4mm and 3.5mm phone out port.

  12. aceedburn
    Why would using the 3.5mm out to rca damage the chip?
  13. aceedburn
    I use the 3.5mm out to rca from WM1A to K5 Pro without any issues or noise. But it’s solid state though.
  14. Whitigir
    Just as I said to the people that want to use DSD out of 3.5mm
  15. aceedburn
    I know but hw would that spoil the chip? When you connect 3.5mm to rca dsd is down converted to pcm to the amp and why would it spoil the chip? 3.5mmm out to rca is the mot common connnection to a headphone amp.
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