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Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by leylandi, Jul 30, 2016.
  1. nc8000 Contributor
    yes it’s the mechanical relays that cut the signal just like when changing between the 2 clocks to protect the ears from any artifacts due to the transition
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  2. RobertP
    I try older firmware recently. Start from 1.0.2 all the way up to 3.0.2 and so far I like 1.2 the most. It reminded me of older walkmans I used to own. Very smooth, warmth and analog.
  3. captblaze
    which shows Sony's brilliance... they don't block you from downgrading if you prefer the sound signature of an older firmware
  4. Pablovi
    What I don’t get is why the sound changes with the firmware? And why they can’t control it?
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  5. captblaze
    I'm not a programmer, but I would venture a guess that changes in the code would affect the output in various ways
  6. djricekcn
    I can't really tell the difference in sound with different fw
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  7. Pablovi
    I’m willing to bet it doesn’t. Unless they wanted too, there’s not a single reason why it should.
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  8. Pablovi
    Coding doesn’t affect the sound, unless you mean to. I’ve never heard updating any single audio device changes it sound. And I’ve had an audio server since 2010, it’s gone through multiple firmware updates and doesn’t change the sound one bit.
  9. gerelmx1986
    Sony has not "updated" the WM series. I mean its been three years since their debut. Either sony is still brewing something with the tech of DMP-Z1 in pocket size, or they were intended as an unique products (special edition never to be released again).
    Last edited: Oct 8, 2019
  10. RobertP
    I'm sure you can't just change SQ by adding or removing codes. I know some programming. Useless it's intentional by Sony. I believe it's good that you can choose which sound signature you prefer. Not all iem's and headphones are sound the same. Some are warmer and some are brighter than another. All 1.x firmware are on the warmth and analog side. 2.x still on the warm side with better soundstage and high. 3.x even larger soundstage with more holographic like and more mid-high to high. So choose which firmware works best to your liking.
    Last edited: Oct 8, 2019
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  11. nc8000 Contributor
    It is fairly well known with many daps that fw updates change the sound. Any change in code could potentially change load on the processor and timing and thereby change the sound
  12. pond44
    AMPLIFICATION?. Can I ask 2 questions please, because there is no line out on the A1 how does the phone out go connecting it to a desktop AMP, is that how it works?....and what desktop AMPs are you guys using with the A1/Z1, is the Sony TAZ the best choice or?
  13. meomap
    One of my usage below:
    I use 1Z 3.5mm out to RCA ( AQ Victoria ) to
    PrimaLuna DP Pre to
    McIntosh 275 to
    Magnepan 3.7i

    Sounds clean and superb.
  14. meomap
    For HP usage:
    1Z 3.5mm out RCA to
    ALO Studio Six tube amp.
  15. animalsrush
    +1 for me 1.2 is the best, but I also love 3.0.1 as I like how it creates dB faster and scrolling is fast and I think it improves slightly on 1.2. Having said that you have peaked my interest to switch back .. I will do that soon..

    try 3.01 with DSEE hx settings on strings .. it is very good
    Last edited: Oct 8, 2019
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