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Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by leylandi, Jul 30, 2016.
  1. flyer1
    My 1Z on 3.02 with hd660s also sounds great.

    Wider soundstage/more 3d, like dynamic range of my recordings are increased, better tonal bass/more sub bass? , clearer vocals. Also few notches lower in volume needed.

    Almost like they used hd660s to fine tune the firmware:)

    Thanks Sony!
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  2. Redcarmoose
    Exactly EQ is like using ketchup on eeeeeeverything!

    There is no reason we would come this far and spend so much to simply EQ?
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  3. gazzington
    Better to use eq if someone is finding their iems to be piercing or they will have to buy new iems or regress firmware
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  4. Redcarmoose
    It’s a question of debate, and has been forever. The argument of producers using effectively EQ tone knobs in the recording process and mastering mix-downs. But there is a phobia.......a paranoia of sorts which has some believe in artifacts..........these phantom artifact-worries come from belief in EQ affecting other aspects around the tone. So we try and stay away as far as possible. Maybe a slight touch is OK, but big numbers of EQ seem to cause an unnatural effect, even if true or not may be perceived as true.

    It’s easier to roll-back firmware and stick with the gear we have learned to admire and trust. These combinations are at times the results of years of search, so to have something as small and easy to change as firmware...then folks weight the benefits and drawbacks of the new firmware. For many EQ is just not an option as they simply don’t respect it. Also you’ll find some audiophiles are super slow to change anything no matter what it is.......as it has an effect on progress.
    Last edited: Sep 1, 2019
  5. gerelmx1986
    I found sharp trebled, s actually with violins and strings. Mids dbass was also bumped making the M7 sound and Hollywood w and slow nightly vild, same for IER-Z1R, a bit resonant to n midbass , as.sonding.lik b and ng recorded the n a room with glass or tiled walls with many echo artifacts.

    M7 wanted to sound muddy and bassy at times, IER-Z1R was less subbass texture and physical feeling.

    Reverted back, more organic on both IER-Z1R and IER-M7, bass definition back and rumbling again
  6. Redcarmoose
    Haven’t made it to the IER yet, but so far 3.02 reminds me a little of 3.00 with the 1A? Probably rolling the 1A back too?
  7. Whitigir
    The problem is that for a firmware developer that is related directly to the processing of DSP and algorithms, those engineers and developers know more about digital processing than we do. So more than often, we thought we improved it with EQ but we aren’t.

    I don’t think people understand and take it serious enough that algorithms is another Vital and essential part of digital music. Without it, your music is only string of 1 and 0

    I myself would rather be using older firmware if new one doesn’t work. If I was gonna use EQ, it would have to be external Analog EQ before amplifications. That is to warranty the utmost precision from the processing of Digital into Analog signals from the Sources itself
    Last edited: Sep 1, 2019
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  8. Nayparm
    Not if its amazingly super bit perfectly true to how the sound engineer DSP'd and EQ'd it to his gear, headphones, ears and taste in the first place and then none of that is compatible with the end users ears or tastes and sounds anywhere from, just not quite right, to down right harsh. For me its the latter for every bit of kit i've tried with any headphones or speakers at any price. So nothing wrong with EQing to make it actually sound enjoyable rather the painfully bit perfect.
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  9. roses77
    I agree I love how my 1z sounds with new update, No EQ needed, sounds fantastic with my Sony WM-1A2 Headphones. The music needs to be well recorded CDs & remastered CDs so it can sound great. It suits any genre. Sometimes the volume does need to be turned up if it’s recorded in low volume. But it sounds like listening to a cassette tape that starts off low volume, then it increases in volume, more dynamic range.
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  10. AlexCBSN
    UPdated mine, without so much explanation: quite happy with the sound, I do feel it wider and more defined, I was really worried about what everyone was saying that it got affected for the worse, I find it quite enjoyable, will try later on with my fh7 which are an amazing pair with this dap, and after with the balance 7 which are super revealing and truly source dependent
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  11. Nayparm
    Believe me I wish I didn't have to EQ :ksc75smile::L3000:
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  12. Peter Ruby
    I’m really digging the 3.02 on my WM1A with both my IER-Z1Rs and also my Shure SE846s.

    Seems to me like the bass is exactly where it needs to be; at least for me it does.

    Even my 846s have benefitted from an improved soundstage, which has always been one of its biggest drawbacks.

    I’m now in the market for the WM1Z, because I don’t like having 1 DAP for 2 IEMs. Adding a second will allow me to keep one at the office, one at home and use my Fiio Q5 while commuting or outdoors in general.

    Gotta admit that life can be pretty great for an audiophile these days.
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  13. Jalo
    I skipped FW 3.0 and updated from 2.0. It is like a new dap to me with 3.02. I sold my second 1Z a month ago and for the first time I regret selling an equipment. version 1.0/1.2/2.0 are so different from 3.0/.01/.02 . I wish I have two 1Z now so I have two different sound.
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  14. hamhamhamsta
    I wish I could have everything that come with 3.02, while keeping bass 3.01. That would be perfect for me.
  15. animalsrush
    Upgraded my wm1z to 3.02 to test it out

    My set up wm1z with 600 hrs on balanced + effect audio lionheart balanced 4.4 mm + k10. Use the Sony processing but all set to off and eq set to 0.

    The new firmware even adds air giving the perception of wider soundstage.. however all of this at the expense of Bass. It lost all it punchiness and is not really to my tastes. Also it did something to vocals they sound bit lean. The details are front and center where as with 3.01 they are present but bit recessed. With 3.02 I found treble to be bit harsh for my tastes. It was fatiguing. i feel I lost the lushness what makes Sony wm1z and organic sound I used to get. This is non fatiguing

    So back to 3.01. Kudos to Sony still supporting wm1z.. but I wish they could provide these variations in sound signature as DSP so we could switch on the fly

    Of all FW these are what I liked 1.2, 3.01, hated 2.0 and skipped 3.0. .. ymmv

    Last edited: Sep 1, 2019
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