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Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by leylandi, Jul 30, 2016.
  1. Quadfather
    I am still on 1.2.
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  2. Vitaly2017

    Ohh boboy.....

    Yes you are right x-t3 is made in china.
    But what made me auto think all fujifilm products are made in japan is all my lenses are made in Japan!
    16-55 red tag
    50-140 red tag
    And 80mm macro is all made in Japan....

    But my xt3 works fine even if its china :shrug:
  3. heimis
    I`m getting my 1A tomorrow and I`ll be sticking with 1.2 also. I`m getting headaches reading about all the different firmwares!!

    More bass here, less bass there, better details, recessed mids, less bass again.. jesus...
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  4. Leetransform25
    If it's a new unit it'll probably already come with 3.01 or 3.02 and I personally don't see much of a point in downgrading
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  5. Redcarmoose

    It’s not a big deal rolling back though two of us had error messages going back to 1.20........so that was wild. But generally no one has had issues rolling back. I personally like 3.01 the best with the 1A, but everyone is different, due to tone taste and style of IEMs in use. Also for folks who have Windows 10, the updates stay as a file in “Downloads” so you just go to that folder and look for them. Though if using MusicCenter the files are not left there.

    At first it must look like a can of worms. But in reality Sony is continuously trying to make the firmware more sophisticated. With 1.20 you will only have Bluetooth sending not the Bluetooth receiving feature nor the outboard DAC feature. Also soundstage has been increased with every update.
    Last edited: Sep 2, 2019
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  6. heimis
    Put it this way: I`ll be sticking with whatever version it comes with^^
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  7. Redcarmoose
  8. flyer1
    With my 1Z/Z5 and HD660s every update has been an improvement. Sony put in a lot of work, don't let it go to waste:)
    Last edited: Sep 2, 2019
  9. heimis
    It most definitely looks like a can of worms but I get what you`re saying. If I like what I hear "out of the box" then I`ll probably leave it at that and continue my life in blissful ignorance :wink:
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  10. 518013
    I would at the very least try 3.01, that firmware on the WM1A sounds like the Sony TA AMP, it works for every IEM I currently have., and works very well.
    The 3.02 is an absolute no go for me, if it was the default software, I doubt I would have bought the player.
    In short, what I mean to say is, try them out for yourself, switching back on forth on a PC is very easy.
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  11. roses77
    I noticed that in balanced 4.4mm it has less output compared to the SE it has more output. In fact the SE sounds better than the balanced 4.4mm with my Sony MDRZ1R. I use the MDR-1A2 Cheaper Sony Headphone. Has anyone else noticed the difference. This is paired with Sony WM1Z.
  12. flyer1
    With HD660S balanced my 1Z on 3.02 sounds better amped/higher output compared to 3.01.
    Last edited: Sep 2, 2019
  13. nc8000 Contributor
    I get more power and better sound on balanced with all my phones
  14. heimis
    Well I do love my TA AMP so I guess it`s worth a shot....
  15. Whitigir

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