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Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by leylandi, Jul 30, 2016.
  1. sne4me
    I've experienced the freezing restart rebuilding of db twice. Never had a problem on 2.0. Anyone have any thoughts about why this happens?
  2. bitonio
    Anyone knows an Apple Lightning to Sony WM-Port cable? Theoretically since we now have our favorite player acting as a DAC, I think it should be doable with a single cable right?
    For Streaming service it might be just the perfect solution for iOS owners.
  3. Python002

    Same here. I keep looking at reviews and impressions and can not get the Sony out of my head. I was set on adding the mojo with my hiby r3 and just calling it a day, but I think I'm going to grab a 1a. The 1z is a stretch even with a couple nice deals in the classifieds
  4. jmtocali
    Hi. About three weeks ago the colombian Sony store had a sale and I got a brand new WM1A in $500!. I'm so happy with it as DAP and USB Dac. As Dac I'm using it with HQplayer Desktop in my MacBook pro combined with Roon and my Tidal Hifi plan.
  5. Python002
    That price is amazing. I won't hold my breath on any deals anywhere close to that, even with the holidays coming.
  6. alphanumerix1
    up sample via hqplayer?
  7. jmtocali
    Yes, sounds great passing to my old Marantz SR4002
  8. captblaze
    is it even possible? this is the message I get both on an iPhone X and iPad mini 4 when connecting to my WM-1A ( and yes the USB DAC charging option is set to off)

    20181112_155736267_iOS.jpg 20181112_155803707_iOS.jpg
  9. bitonio
    Thanks for testing the dongle way :)

    The DAP is not in DAC mode here right?
    Does the DAP exits the DAC mode when you plug it in the ios device?
    Last edited: Nov 12, 2018
    captblaze likes this.
  10. captblaze
    Silly me... I did not have the DAC out engaged (thanks for the reminder) this is as short as I can go on the cable. would be much more convenient to have a single cable though

    20181112_170629356_iOS.jpg 20181112_170643803_iOS.jpg
  11. named name
    Works as a DAC for my iPhone. C92D4ED8-2AA5-42C9-943E-2AEE95D0ED7E.jpeg
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  12. captblaze
    it does for me too now that I turned the USB DAC on
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  13. sne4me
    What screen brightness level are people using? I feel like 50 gets a bit dark in sunlight, and 58 is better for artwork clarity, thoughts?
  14. nc8000 Contributor
    I use 1 for extended battery life
  15. proedros
    i tried 69 , but it was a bit distracting

    so i went for (sweet) 16

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