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Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by leylandi, Jul 30, 2016.
  1. Edric Li
    I am aware of that. My Onso iect 04 cable comes with an L-shape connector too.
    I hope more cable makers start using them, e.g. moon audio.
  2. ryaneagon
    I decided to check out version 2.0 and 1.20 even though I seem to enjoy the sonic properties of 3.0, also use the USB dac and vinyl setting a lot. To be honest being it took some time to change and re-build the database, I couldn't tell a whole lot between 2.0 and 3.0, maybe a bit thicker on the bottom end using 2.0...but maybe not.

    I tried loading 1.20 but kept getting device, and data base errors.

    In short, I'm going to stick with 3.0
  3. rtjoa
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  4. ryaneagon
    Anyone else using the FooBar2000 lyric add-on? they display using FooBar and a few other sources but not the Walkman, any idea? I was maybe thinking they needed to be inputed manually via ID TAG...Wouldn't surprise me.
  5. Darksoul
    The .LRC file must have the same file name as the song and must be in the same location. Cumbersome? YES! So I only did that process with my DSD songs and my favorite albums:

  6. captblaze
    its been a sad Saturday. my 18+ Pro (right side) has had a catastrophic failure. as a result, I am "forced" into listening to this (with a set of HD800S) :


    I am pleased that this here WM-1A has enough under the hood to make nice with a well recorded jazz album and my transducers du jour
  7. NoMythsAudio
    Pictures like this always make me jealous and want to pull the trigger even though I will be over-stretching. I had wm1a, I sold it in July, now massively regrets it. I looking to reacquire it again especially now that I have Andromeda S. But this crazy 1z always seem to show up and causes me heartache .
  8. rcoleman1
    Great jazz album. Unfortunately I only have the CD.
  9. rtjoa
    Well you are not alone. I feel the same when looking at Cayin N8 and Iem threads.
    You can find used 1Z at good price now. I bought mine from a headfier about 2 years ago. I really like it but it does not play DTS format and Cue file. I have DX200 and DX200Ti to play that format.
    The temptation is always there and it is probably just the nature of this hobby :). Sometimes I am glad that there is no good audio store nearby me.
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  10. NoMythsAudio
    Kind of curious, what's the difference between these two besides that the Ti is limited edition and the price is 3x regular DX200.
  11. rtjoa
    The Ti price is about 2x regular DX200. I bought a used DX200 then I bought a new Ti few days later. I cant comment on sound differences as I have not used my regular DX200. My cousin has my DX200 and my Ti is going back to iBasso for servicing.

    There are a few hardware differences besides titanium chassis. It has new power regulators for the dac, power system has been utlized with Toshin UTSJ and Nichicon Audio Grade capacitors. The amp1ti has a new motherboard with 6 high grade capacitors. (Taken from ibasso)

    Ti (left) and regular (right). The power module is on top left corner. The regular one belongs to a friend which has been modified with copper stickers and rosenkranz from Japan. He helped me testing Ti with regular DX200 battery before sending Ti back to iBasso.
    Last edited: Nov 11, 2018
  12. NoMythsAudio
    Thanks. Appreciated.
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  13. ryaneagon
    What is with what sounds like a relay click when a file switches between 24bit and 16bit? do they use different hardware in the player?
  14. Whitigir
    Clock switching and relay is clicking to enable that
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  15. nc8000 Contributor
    It’s mechanical relays and it is not when switching between 16 and 24 bits but when when switching between the 44khz and 48khz clocks

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