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Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by leylandi, Jul 30, 2016.
  1. kubig123
    well, if the list is about the best seller, it makes sense, I really doubt that Sony sells as many ($3K) WM1Z as Fiio the ($700) x7ii.

    it's like putting on the same plate the Toyota Corolla and a Ferrari, for sure in term of sales, the Toyota outperform Ferrari any give day :ksc75smile::ksc75smile::ksc75smile:
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  2. rtjoa
  3. rtjoa
    K-mod 1Z review
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  4. Love Music
    yeah, your absolutely right. but they have a few sections. the best selling low-fi, mid-fi and hi-fi. the paw gold touch is yhe best sellin hifi, while the x7ii is second in the hifi section. but even wm1a is not there...
  5. Love Music
    nope. Not that one.
  6. Whitigir
    It is funny but back a while ago, I guessed the next Sony Walkman was to cost about 8-9k...now we have DMP-Z1.

    You want to hear another prediction ? The next signature headphones successor is going to cost 2X your Utopia ! With Sony Proprietary Voice-Coil of Silverplating wires, and proprietary diaphragm with the ground breaking technology (layered-graphenes).

    *disclaimer* the above is my personal predictions , there is no source , except me lol
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  7. rtjoa
    Tonight's setup :)
  8. Whitigir
    I love that cable, is it Goldplating ?
  9. rtjoa
    Yes it is silver gold plated. That cable is Brimar Omni King 10 wire.
  10. Whitigir
    Very very nice. Must be as expensive as the 1Z itself :D
  11. rtjoa
    It costs more but it is worth :)
    IMG-20180713-WA0011.jpg IMG-20180713-WA0010.jpg
  12. linux4ever
    Having bought and used unmodded WM1A, Premium plus K-mod WM1A and K-mod WM1Z, I would say k-mod is a worthy upgrade if one can afford it.

    Compared to unmodded WM1A, the Premium plus K-mod WM1A opens up a lot and the bass punches so nicely. And the top end opens up too.

    Having said that, try pairing the unmodded WM1A with Campfire Audio Comet (yeah that tiny $200 beast) with Sony Kimber cable (4.4 mm balanced) for an unbelievable sound in a compact portable set up. This pairing is with FW3.0 and vinyl mode (Surface-noise) setting enabled. It adds a nice, subtle warmth and the entire frequency range is quite balanced, with details, air at the top.

    Unmodded WM1A in near mint condition with less than 100 hours usage on it can be had for US$650-750. Campfire Audio Comet new is US$200 and used (in near mint condition) can be had for around $150. The Sony Kimber cable can be obtained used for around $200. So for around US$1000 one can get an unbelievable sound in a compact portable set up.
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  13. Edric Li
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  14. linux4ever
  15. syke

    All my cables are terminated by Pentaconn, and I agree that right angle connectors are really convenient especially with DAPs. But for desktop situations, I prefer straight connectors.
    The amount of mechanical stress on the connection when you accidentally pull hard on it, can do great damage. Happened to me, and I had parts of the female connector dislodged.
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