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Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by leylandi, Jul 30, 2016.
  1. rcoleman1
    Anyone using Acoustune HS1650CU or HS1670SS with their 1Z? Thoughts or impressions? Thanks.
  2. Redcarmoose
    Your right, there can be many convolutions. Lol.

    Hay.......and the only reason I push this subject is so people don’t keep doing what they are doing and get improvements. This is a site where all of us are basicly attempting the same cause; sound quality. And I couldn’t count all the help I have been given here and at meets. Things you learn, you tend to keep and forget where you learned it from. The things we have found out, we basicly almost take self credit for.......when in truth someone helped us.

    Obviously you own the TA-SH1ES amp and you know what the Z1 added as a file transport sounds like. It’s a level of sound quality with many headphones including the Z1R. It’s safe to say at a meet if it fit a groups desired sound signature they would complement it. So we have a level of quality. It’s truly subjective but most would find something favorable.

    Using the different equipment I had it was really really easy to beat what the 1Z sounded like going single ended 3.5mm to RCAX2 to the different amps I had. And using only my subjective listening it seemed other DACs going line out could beat the 3.5mm to RCAX2 results.

    And again it maybe would not be double volume controls adding to cause the issue? But double volumes are consistently talked negatively about on forums across the internet. Even yourself could easily do a side by side comparison by plugging your 1Z into your TA amp analog RCA inputs with the 3.5mm to 2XRCA. Then go in digitally bypassing the 1Z DAC. And.......of course even in this test we are comparing two DACs, but the differences are drastic, so dramatic you may hear where I’m coming from.
    It’s more than simply two DACs and their intrinsic character.

    It’s not going to be as clear or as audiophile. But obviously it’s all subjective. Of course much of this is depending on what sound your after.
    Last edited: Oct 28, 2018
  3. nanaholic
    I've tested both before with my 1Z, vastly prefer the HS1650CU due to the smoother treble. The 1670SS is a little bit too sharp for my taste.
  4. syke
    That's a fabulous price. Unfortunately it is an import model, warranty could be an issue.

    But still, great pricing.
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  5. svinaik
    Totally agree with you that warranty is always an issue when one buys from other countries. Personally, if I am buying a high end product from a reputable manufacturer, I have never worried about it and warranty only lasts 1 year or so. If anything happens to product beyond warranty, you can still get the unit serviced in your home country. So, just personally speaking, warranty has not stopped me from taking advantage of a super discount which in this case is huge... (versus the US price).
  6. nc8000 Contributor
    Yes you are quiet right that double amping is normally not a good thing.

    I actually don’t know what the 1Z sounds like as a source for the TA amp as I exclusively use the 1Z as a travel rig with iem’s. At home I use an Auralic Aries Mini as digital source for the TA
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  7. hireslover
    What would be the best DAC would you use coming from the WM1Z to a power amp such as your home stereo knowing that for sure you want to preserve the same 1Z sound?
  8. nc8000 Contributor
    If you want to preserve the 1Z sound you have no choice other than going from one of the headphone out. If you go digital you will be listening to the sound of the external dac and not the 1Z
  9. hireslover
    Thank you and that's what I thought
  10. davidmolliere
  11. Lookout57
    That is interesting.
  12. captblaze
    Definite must hear for me... I hope MusicTeck carries this once released
  13. bflat
    Definitely trust your own ears and what your wallet allows. Sony S Master HX digital amp, much like the Chord DAC products, combine the DA conversion and amplification into one chip. The volume controls all happen in the digital domain and has no bearing on the analog output. This is both energy efficient and very low distortion and noise.

    I would encourage folks to try using the WM1a/z as a source line out. You can't break anything by doing it and all you risk is purchasing a cheap adapter cable. Please share your results.
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  14. Lookout57
    The OPUS#2 doesn't have a dedicated line out but it does have a line out setting which sets the output volume at maximum in low gain and disables the volume control. So you could call this the poor mans line out.

    So why couldn't Sony do something similar?
  15. nc8000 Contributor
    Yes it’s strange as the WM port used to include line out

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