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Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by leylandi, Jul 30, 2016.
  1. davidmolliere
    Thanks a lot!
    I am on it, always wanted to try tubes :)
  2. echineko
    No worries, glad to help. I couldn't make use of it, but at least someone else might :)
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  3. Redcarmoose
    It’s interesting how the review mentions the overall lack of power with Sony DAPs? Really? The amount of power is my favorite feature, besides the sound character. I’m surprised the review hints at the amp fixing the power issues well; seems like just adding tube character would be enough for someone to want one?
  4. nanaholic
    The BA300s outputs 320mw per channel at 32ohms, so it does add quite a bit more compared to the 250mw @ 16ohm of the 1Z.
  5. auronthas
    Use ohm's law, I believe 250mW @ 16ohm carries more ampere (A) than 320mW @ 32ohm
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  6. Redcarmoose
    Last edited: Oct 30, 2018
  7. nanaholic
    You are also double amping when you connect the amp to the headphone out of the 1Z, so you are combining the power of both the headphone out as well as the amp.
  8. auronthas
  9. auronthas
    Are you saying to add BA300s into 1Z ? My bad if that's the case... I was thinking comparison one to one on the output power.
  10. nanaholic
    To use the 1Z with the BA300s you have to add the power together as it is not a standalone device, the BA300s is amplifying the 1Z output further. So yes if you use the BA300s you are adding more power.

    Also if you apply ohm's law assuming perfect condition, if you double the resistance with Sony's spec of 250mW @ 16ohms, then the power will half, meaning under perfect condition, the 1Z should only output 125mW @ 32ohms, in which case the BA300s's 320mW @ 32ohm is close to outputting 200mW more.
    Last edited: Oct 30, 2018
  11. bvng3540
    Any comparison btw wm1z and cayin N8?
  12. davidmolliere
    Deal is done, I'll be able to chip in on how it sounds :)
    Thanks again!
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  13. nanaholic
    I had a chance to try the Cayin N8 over the weekend at Headphone Matsuri. The N8 is only attractive if you plan to use the Nutube, I also find it quite dry sounding in comparison to the 1Z when comparing balance to balance and not as pleasant to listen to such that I just keep going to the tube output. I would actually be happy if the N8 had just the selectable tube and SS amp stage for the 3.5mm output and get rid of the balance output stage altogether to reduce size/weight/increase battery life/better heat dissipation etc. However when using the Nutube the player gets really hot really quick, I played two songs and the side became hot already, so I would say the N8 is not a practical DAP if your main use is the tube output on the go and thinking it is something you can slip into a pocket or a messenger bag that hugs your body because you would definitely feel that heat, rather it's more of a transportable device where you can sit it down on the table and let it breathe to cool such as in a cafe setting. There's also software issues, several of the demo device crashed and froze and the Cayin engineers had to fix it on the spot which is quite worrying, whereas the 1Z is now pretty much rock solid and mature in terms of software with its firmware being into v3 already. the N8 is an interesting device with big ambitions, but too many short comings which prevents it being actually used as a DAP practically IMO. Maybe the successor will be better, but it's not something that competes with the 1Z in terms of a complete all-round pacakge when everything - not just sound - is taken into consideration in its current form. If I want to add tube sound in fully balanced form to my 1Z or even a 1A in a transportable situation, I can easily just purchase the Oriolus BA300s which I think is a great bargain to pair with the 4.4mm output Walkmans.
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  14. proedros
    anyone in Europe wiling to sell his 4.4 ares ii (8wire) cable - shoot me a a pm

  15. bvng3540
    Thanks for the feedback, I will stick to my 1z and cancel the n8 that I just order.
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